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10 bedroom plants for a healthier sleep

Bedroom plants for healthy sleep

Are there Plants for the bedroomthat improve my sleep in the long term? Yes, of course there are. And there are even bedroom plants that do this and at the same time visually enhance your bedroom and even quite undemanding. Little light, little water - and then still good for your own sleep? Oh yes.

In this article, I want to introduce you to these bedroom plants and show you what to basically look for in plants around your bed.

What to look for in bedroom plants?

In the past, people were always afraid of plants in the bedroom - in many hospitals they were banned altogether. It was believed that harmful microorganisms and toxins could escape from the rootstock. Today, we know that the mere presence of most plants is harmless. Nevertheless, here are some things you should consider when choosing your bedroom plants:

  • Little light: If your bedroom is quite dark for a long period of the day, you should make sure that your favorite plants require rather little light.
  • Air filtration: Each person exhales moisture and carbon dioxide through breathing. Therefore, if the window is not open at night, it is important that bedrooms plants are able to clean the air.
  • Oxygen producer: While plants absorb carbon dioxide, they provide oxygen to your rooms. Therefore, consciously choose plants that are great oxygen producers.

In any case, briefly deal with the Properties of the respective plantso that you can also do your green thumb all honor.

10 recommended plants for the bedroom

Bedroom plants for bed

Find plants for a healthy sleep is not so easy. After all, only a few come into question. Here I have listed a few plants for the bedroom, which will improve your sleep. Improve sleep and at the same time beautify your four walls also visually.

1. green lily (Chlorophytum comosum)

The green line is one of the few plants that have a positive effect on one's sleep in the bedroom. Namely, it produces a lot of Oxygen and cleans the air from dangerous toxins from the budget.

2. ivy (Hedera helix)

Ivy looks great - but very few people see any real benefit in the plant. After all, it attacks house walls and carries poison. However, ivy is able to produce oxygen and the Clean air and needs little light.

Tip: Ivy is not only suitable as a bedroom plant! You can also, for example, a great free Make dishwashing liquid from the ivy leaves.

3. jasmine (Jasminum, Oleaceae)

A plant that you should rather park in your bedroom on the bright windowsill is jasmine. The fragrance of the plant is very intense and at least as soothing for your own mind. Jasmine can make you sleep more comfortably.

4. aloe vera

Aloe vera as a bedroom plant

The plant not only looks great with its thick leaves and spines, but also incidentally produces a lot of Oxygen. Aloe vera needs a bit more light, so you should tend to place it on the windowsill or in a light-filled corner of the bedroom - at least during the day.

5. rubber tree (Ficus elastica)

The large, glossy leaves of the gumdrop look just great if you dust them regularly. Otherwise, the plant is relatively low-maintenance and at the same time a recommended bedroom plant. Also it cleans the air and may well grow as tall as you are yourself.

6. dragon tree (Dracaena)

Toxins such as formaldehyde, which are produced by smoking in the home, for example, should disappear from your four walls as quickly as possible. The dragon tree is particularly suitable for this - and it doesn't even need much light! The dragon tree absorbs toxins such as formaldehyde and cleans the air.

7. bow hemp (Sansevieria)

The African bow hemp not only looks beautiful with its leaves, but also filters pollutants from the air. For a healthy sleep, it is also important that a houseplant is gentle on your respiratory system as well as your skin and eyes. Through the Humidity regulation the bow hemp also takes over this task.

8. monocot (Spathiphyllum)

Everyone knows the monocot - but that the plant of the ideal air purifiers is in the bedroom, few people know. That is also why it is said that the plant helps against insomnia. In addition, from the beautiful white flowers of the monocot also emanates a light but very pleasant scent.

Tip: The plant is basically poisonous. Therefore, place it a little higher, so that not everyone can get to it.

9. ivy (Epipremnum aureum)

Do you know this plant that looks like ivy, but somehow differs from it with its white edges? This is the ivy - and it is a very suitable plant for the bedroom. The ivy promotes the indoor climate and is very Undemanding. You can grow it as a climbing plant on the wall or even from a pot on the rule.

Notice: Ivy is also poisonous. Therefore, you should place the plant in any case again a little higher, so that neither animals nor children can get to it.

10. kentia palm (howea)

Kentia palm is not a rare plant in bedrooms. It produces very much Oxygen and cleans the air. The Kentia palm brings with its green leaves also visually pizzazz in your four walls.

Bedroom plants choose wisely

Use plants for the bedroom

Not all plants are suitable for the bedroom - and there should not be too many. I hope that I could give you a little inspiration with the mentioned bedroom plants. No matter whether you are just trying out everything to sleep better again as quickly as possible - or whether you just want to style up your room a bit.

Do you have questions or suggestions about the topic of bedroom plants? Then feel free to write me a comment under this article.

Good night,

Christoph from CareElite - Plastic-free living
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