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In the CareElite Environmental protection blog is especially about supporting projects from nature & environment. I will introduce you to environmental projects that are doing unique work and deserve to be seen. In the environmental category of the blog you can also expect tips and tricks on environmentally conscious consumption and other sustainable things in everyday life.

Why I start the environmental protection blog!

With the Environmental Protection Blog I would like to present you the environmental problems of our time and discuss and implement solutions. Each of us has to do his part to preserve our wonderful planet. The Environmental Protection Blog connects the Plastic waste in the environment, climate change, overfishing, the destruction of the rainforest and other environmental problems of this century. We need to talk more about environmental protection before we destroy our earth for good. Only a change of thinking of all people, a collective change of consciousness can save our environment for the next generations. There will be a change of consciousness one way or another, but we have to decide for ourselves if we will initiate this change ourselves or if it will happen the hard way (wars, end of resources, clean up of all resources on earth). The Environmental Protection Blog is intended to help us make the change in consciousness on our own. Think environmentally conscious and live better!

The contents in the environmental protection blog

In this blog, I will of course devote special attention to my main topic, plastic waste in the environment. You will get to know this environmental problem from all sides. For example, I'll explain to you the garbage whirlpools in the ocean or how microplastics in cosmetics litter our seas. I bet that 95% of the people on our planet don't know that companies integrate microplastics in shower gels, creams or toothpaste. That's why I want and need to do something to educate our society with this blog.

You will also learn what the so popular and demanded palm oil in the daily products from the supermarkets so causes in the rainforest. I will also publish many interviews with environmental experts on the Environmental Protection Blog. These are tips from people who come into direct contact with the environmental problems on our planet every day.

Why I am an environmental protection blogger?

I am an environmental blogger because I want to change the consciousness of our society in a positive way. Because this is urgently needed if we want to leave the earth to future generations as we found it. As for many other bloggers, nature is my passion. I want it to stay that way and to stop more plastic waste from entering the environment, to stop the ozone layer from shrinking any further, to keep the food chain in balance and to stop the rainforest from being cut down any further. That's why I'm an environmental blogger. Period.

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