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Why argan oil is really so healthy

Argan oil - effect, ingredients, origin and application

Nature gives us plants that have positive effects on our health. One of them is the argan tree, which gives us the wonderful natural argan oil bestowed. The active ingredients of argan oil support the healing process for skin diseases, joint problems, cellulite or also act as an anti-aging agent. There are so many natural, healthy remedies that are more than an alternative to conventional, artificial products from advertising. Today you will learn about the ingredients of argan oil and find out in which forms and applications argan oil is so good for your natural health is. In addition, I show you where the argan oil actually comes from, because in Germany the argan tree does not grow.

Ingredients and optimal storage of argan oil?

Argan oil - effect, ingredients, origin and application
The variety of unsaturated fatty acids makes the fruits of the argan tree so popular

Its ingredients make the argan oil so valuable for our health. Argan oil, which is extracted from the fruit of the argan tree, contains a unique combination of few saturated and many unsaturated fatty acids, the vitamin E complex and plant sterols. In a bottle of 100 ml of argan oil, 4 out of 5 fats are unsaturated. Polyphenols, linoleic acid, carotenoids, triterpenoids and phytosterols ensure that our skin remains healthy and well supplied with blood and supports the healing process of skin diseases or injuries. While argan oil is only becoming better known here in Germany, in Morocco it has been considered a natural alpine weapon and elixir of life for a very long time.

Storage of healthy argan oil

Since the argan oil is healthy, delicious but also expensive, the optimal storage is very important. Light and air lead to chemical reactions of the argan oil, so that it can become acidic and no longer usable. Experts recommend for the argan oil a dark, dry and cool storage in the refrigerator (to a maximum of 10 ° C). In this way, the argan oil remains in the desired state. Since the production of the argan oil is particularly complex and the resource of the argan oil is limited, the relatively high price is really justified. When buying the argan oil for household, you should make sure that you get 100% pure and cold-pressed argan oil. I can give you this Argan oil from ArgaVital* recommend, because I know the manufacturer personally and know how environmentally friendly the argan oil is produced here.

Applications and forms of argan oil

Argan oil is used in many forms and combinations for various health purposes. It supports the health of skin, hair and nails from the outside and inside and is a delicious oil that is suitable for many meals. In addition, argan oil lowers cholesterol and supports weight loss naturally without side effects.

Argan oil for strong hair

Argan oil is a real miracle cure for almost all forms of hair problems. The vitamin E complex, for example, counteracts graying of the hair, thinning hair and even hair loss. The argan oil vitalizes scalp and hair and is available as argan oil shampoo, argan oil hair treatment or as a pure pressed product. I can recommend this argan oil shampoo from SatinNaturel* and this silicone-free hair conditioner. I can make you only unfortunately no statements about whether these products are completely plastic-free. Leave the shampoo and the mask on your hair for a certain time. The argan oil will make your hair visibly shinier and noticeably more elastic. It is simply a great natural remedy for the hair.

Argan oil for beautiful skin

The argan oil can be confidently called a beauty oil, because with its ingredients, the argan oil achieves such a skin-caring effect, as hardly any other natural oil in this world. It not only ensures that the skin becomes supple and soft, but also slows down the aging process of the skin cells. Argan oil is also ideal for those who often suffer from dry skin or have a problem with acne. For the application is suitable this 100% pure argan oil* or also this Face scrub with argan oil*. Due to the antioxidant effect, the argan oil provides a smooth, healthy skin appearance. Please make sure that you choose largely pure argan oil, because many products are also stretched with other oils. By the way, argan oil is also very useful for healthy teeth and nails.

Argan oil to eat

Whether as an addition to tomato salad, as a seasoning to beef picaccio or simply as a dressing. The argan oil offers many possibilities for use in the kitchen. In this way, we can not only let the argan oil act on us as an elixir of life from the outside, but also use it from the inside to promote our health. Furthermore, it has already been proven that argan oil is capable of lowering chloesterol levels and thus the risk of cardiovascular disease. Argan oil also has an appetite-reducing effect and helps quite significantly in losing weight. For the application in the kitchen I recommend you with pleasure this argan oil in 250ml glass bottle*. Bon appetite! By the way, it is recommended to take 3x a teaspoon of argan oil a day. No matter whether directly with meals or pure.

Where does the healthy argan oil actually come from?

The argan tree grows exclusively in the southwest of Morocco and nowhere else on the planet. The area of the argan tree is only about 820,000 hectares and is the origin of argan oil. To protect the plant and this unique area, more than 20 million argan trees are protected and were added to the list of biosphere reserves in 1998. In Morocco, as mentioned, argan oil has been considered an elixir of life for many millennia. The increasing demand for argan oil finances the people in the region. However, one must not forget that the production of argan oil from the argan kernels is a very labor-intensive task and the local people earn relatively little from this natural treasure.

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