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Make your own granola bar - fitness bar, protein bar

Make granola bars yourself - Healthy fitness bars

You have probably also often wondered what it is at all with the much vaunted Fitness bars, protein bars and energy bars whether they are really useful and what the difference is. Do I need protein bars for muscle building or do I need fitness bars? Should I eat energy bars before training? Can I make granola bars myself?

In this article I'll show you some recipes to make granola bars yourself and give you the most important info about granola bars.

Protein bars, energy bars, fitness bars - the differences

Protein bar

Protein bars are usually a snack that is used as a dietary supplement and contain a lot of protein. These bars can be bought in different forms and flavors. They are primarily intended to provide your muscles with protein after training.

Energy bar

Energy bars, unlike protein bars, do not consist mainly of proteins, but mainly of carbohydrates and some fat. Energy bars should be eaten before training. You can chop them into your cereal at breakfast or eat them as a snack about 1-2 hours before your workout.

Fitness bar

Fitness bars contain almost all important nutrients. They are ideal for satisfying hunger in between meals or for taking to university or work. Since they contain many nutrients, they can also be used to replace a meal if necessary.

Make sugar free granola bars yourself - 3 recipes

Many purchased bars also contain sugar and, above all, artificial substances such as flavorings and flavor enhancers, which is why the products are often less healthy than they should be. Especially with very inexpensive bars, you should definitely take a closer look at the ingredients first.
If you are watching your figure or want to be on the safe side because of the ingredients, then you can easily make these fitness bars yourself without sugar and chemical products.
The homemade bars can usually be stored in the refrigerator for several days without any problems. Whereby this is rather rarely the case, because they taste much too good.
When making muesli bars yourself, there are actually no limits to your imagination, and the variations are correspondingly versatile. Below are three recipes for making muesli bars yourself.
Notice: Click on the links to go directly to the respective plastic-free ingredients you need for the corresponding granola bar.

Musclegrow - Make your own fitness bar

Ingredients: 3 tablespoons Flaxseed, approx. 100 ml water, 150 g Oatmeal, 30 g dried cranberries, 30 g chopped almonds or Hazelnuts, 3 tablespoons agave syrup and 350 g soybean curd.
Preparation: For your sugarless protein bar, you'll need a blender and a suitable baking sheet. The ingredients are put into the blender and processed. Then you just need to spread this mixture on the baking sheet and bake it in the preheated oven at 170° C for about 15 minutes. By the way, it is much better if you cut the bars while they are still warm, because they will become hard after cooling down.

Energizer - Make your own sugar-free protein bar

Ingredients: 3 bananas, 250 g neutral protein powder, 200 g Oatmeal, 30 ml soy milk, 3 walnuts, 1 tsp. Flaxseed, 1 TSP Psyllium husks, stevia or another sweetener if necessary.
Preparation: The seeds should first be soaked overnight in water to swell. Then mix all ingredients in a blender and put the kneadable mass on a baking sheet lined with baking paper or in a suitable baking dish. Bake in a preheated oven at 170° for about 20-25 minutes.

Chocker - make your own chocolate fitness bar

Ingredients: 3 tsp Cocoa powder, 4 TSP Coconut oil, ½ cup coconut milk (creamy), a handful of popped Amaranth2 tablespoons of shredded coconut. For the glaze you need 3 tablespoons cocoa butter, 3 teaspoons cocoa and some agave syrup or syrup.
Preparation: mix the ingredients for the chocolate bar and then you need to flatten the mass in a suitable mold first before putting the filling in the freezer. In the meantime, it is best to melt the cocoa butter in a water bath and then add the honey and cocoa powder. Now you can take your mold back out of the freezer and cut into bar shapes or appetizing triangles. Then pour the chocolate icing on top and put it in the fridge after cooling.

Make fitness bars yourself - the advantages

Avoid plastic waste

Most commercially available fitness bars are available in Plastic packaged. You can avoid this plastic waste by simply making the fitness bars yourself.

Time saving during cooking

Energy bars are of course suitable not only for athletes, but also for stressed students when writing the bachelor thesis or simply for the small hunger in between, when you have no time at all to eat. Since they contain important nutrients, this can cover the daily needs together with a healthy diet.
Here, of course, it is especially useful if you make a larger quantity of the fitness bars. This way you can maximize your time savings.

Cover protein requirements

Athletes also have a higher need for proteins and amino acids so that they can build and maintain their muscles. Compared to protein shakes, most protein bars have a higher fiber content because they usually also contain nuts, seeds or dried fruit. The fiber also keeps you full longer.

Fitness bar to go

Otherwise, the bars are of course also very space-saving, so that they fit in any pocket or, of course, in the handbag and sports bag. They are ideal for the small hunger in between and supply our body with energy again, so that we can easily hold out until the next meal.

Avoid sugar and additives

Many fitness bars for muscle building are composed of casein, egg protein, whey protein or soy protein, depending on the manufacturer. Depending on the manufacturer and ingredients, the bars can be more or less beneficial for your health. In many cases, they are also additionally enriched with amino acids to achieve a long-lasting effect for the muscles.

Save money

However, the purchase of such energy bars can also be quite a burden on the wallet. Especially if you as an athlete want to consume one before training and one after. In this case, it may be advisable to make the protein bars yourself, as you can really save a lot of money and also have the guarantee that neither sugar, nor flavor enhancers and additives are contained in it.

Conclusion Make muesli bars yourself? That's easy!

Whether the bars are special protein bars for muscle building, energy bars for students or simply a sweet snack for chocolate fans, with the right recipes you can find the right thing for everyone. And without having to spend a lot of money.

The recipes can also be varied with other ingredients. Raisins or dried fruit, for example, give your fitness bar a particularly fruity taste. If you are addicted to chocolate, you can also add chocolate shavings to your chocolate bar.

Since the protein or fitness bars are available in almost all flavors, even chocolate fans get their money's worth, whether they do sports or not.
Ideally, you should first try several recipes for sugar-free protein bars and then simply create your own recipe with your favorite ingredients. Just use the recipes as inspiration. Maybe also our Challenge 30 days without sugar interesting for you, take a look.

Have fun trying it out,

Your Kerstin

P.S.: Here are a few more healthy ones Smoothie recipes as a supplement!

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