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Paper dog waste bag

  • 25 paper dog waste bags
  • Great alternative to the classic bag
  • Simply an application & transport
  • Well sealable dog chop bag
  • Plastic-free from packaging to poop bags
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In Germany there are about 10 million dogs, which leave a "pile" twice a day. This is currently still mainly removed with a plastic bag. Thus, about 15 million plastic bags are used per day for dog excrement. In a time in which many supermarkets have already said goodbye to the plastic bag at the checkout, unfortunately, many dog owners are still not plastic-free on the daily dog walk.

Since dog owners are obligated by penalty dog excrement to take up and to dispose (because dog excrement can contain parasites or pathogens, which are harmful not only for dogs, but also for adults and children), this is still done by plastic bag, however, every jogger or walker knows the same problem: the plastic bags lie very often somewhere in the forest or partly a few meters before the trash can.

Even if the plastic bag with the feces is properly disposed of in the trash, it is not good for the environment. Up to 50ml of petroleum and a mixture of chemicals are used for one plastic bag. Not only that the earth with the Plastic a limited resource (petroleum) is extracted at great expense, but by burning petroleum a fossil fuel is burned. This releases a large amount of CO2, which boosts the greenhouse effect and contributes to global warming.

The so-called bio-plastic bag has been available for several years. This contains a proportion of renewable raw materials and thus less petroleum. A first good approach, but if you look closer, this is also just a plastic bag light. Even with this solution, dog owners are still not completely plastic-free on the road.

Because the renewable raw materials have only a limited share and are normally 10-20% and even the premium suppliers have only a share of 30-40%. Apart from the fact that these renewable raw materials occupy arable land, i.e. no food can be grown here and large amounts of water are needed for cultivation, it also means that the rest of the bag still consists of petroleum and chemicals.

(Comparative studies showed that biodegradable plastic bags with proportions of renewable raw materials have the highest environmental impact overall, making them the worst disposable bag option. For biodegradable plastic bags, a mixture of petroleum-based and renewable raw materials is often used - namely corn-based polylactic acid (PLA) and a fossil-based plastic, such as Ecoflex from BASF. In order for a carrier bag to remain tear-resistant, it is not possible to use more than 30 percent of the renewable raw material PLA in carrier bags, according to information from plastic bag manufacturers).

Plastic free paper dog waste bag

A completely plastic-free sustainable and at the same time social solution is offered by the new product PooPick. This consists entirely of paper, of which 70% is recycled paper and the remaining 30% is from the remnants of the furniture industry. Not only is this very good for the eco-balance, but no tree has to be cut down for the PooPick. Since the PooPick is a pure biomass, it burns climate neutral. So dog owners can actually walk their dogs without plastic.

The PooPick is more of a shovel than a bag and you can thus easily pick up dog feces even without touching. Apart from the environmental benefits also quite nice and another advantage over the plastic bag - just think of the extreme case: diarrhea!

The PooPick is completely produced in Germany and folded and shipped by hand by people with disabilities. Thus, with each PooPick you support not only nature and the future, but also people with disabilities in the inclusion in the working world.

The packaging has already been thought through holistically, so the wall dispenser, which contains 25 PooPicks, already serves as a shipping carton. Unnecessary filling materials or additional shipping material could thus also be saved. Furthermore, the marginal part of the glue consists of potato starch, which is why the PooPick is also a vegan product.

You can find more info about the PooPick on the website or on their Facebook or Instagram channel.

We are convinced of the holistic concept of the plastic-free PooPick, which is why we have also included it in our store. Convince yourself with pleasure.


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