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Bamboo steamer


  • Plastic free steamer
  • Made from natural bamboo
  • With stainless steel reinforcements
  • Perfect for the gentle preparation of food
  • 2 tiers with lid
  • 20 cm diameter
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A beautiful traditional Bamboo steamer for gentle preparation of delicious Asian dishes. Cooking with steam in a bamboo basket is one of the healthiest cooking methods, because the steam envelops the food and preserves the important ingredients. Make your kitchen healthy and plastic-free with this 20cm double-decker steamer set. Perfect for vegetables, rice, dim sums and homemade spring rolls. The Andrew James bamboo steamer has a particularly high quality finish, with a reinforced stainless steel fitting.

The plastic-free steamer set for healthy food

  • Vegetable cooker without plastic
  • Made from sustainable bamboo
  • High quality stainless steel reinforcements
  • In set with steamer papers and chopsticks
  • 2-tier for economical cooking

Bamboo steamer on 2 tiers for your plastic free kitchen

Authentic Asian food prepared in a natural bamboo basket is perfect with this high quality and durable steamer basket. 25 steamer papers and a pair of chopsticks are included in the set so you can get started right away. The baskets can be placed on a pot or wok filled with a little water and used individually or stacked.


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