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Vegan slice cheese

  • Vegan slice cheese with calcium & B12
  • Free from animal ingredients, lactose and gluten
  • 100 % Taste, 0 % Animal suffering
  • low CO2 emission
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If you feel like vegan slice cheese you've come to the right place. The vegan semi-hard cheeses is free of dairy ingredients and the ideal solution when you feel like a classic snack. The gourmet slices are suitable for breakfast, dinner or as a snack in the lunch break or on the schoolyard. Meanwhile, there are some vegan Ersatzrpdoukte and you almost have the agony of choice to find the right Schnittkäse alternative. Here, too, you can choose between different varieties such as classic or fenugreek.

Why a vegan slice cheese?

With the different flavors of vegan semi-hard cheese, everyone will find what they are looking for. If you try a little, you will surely find your new favorite plant-based cheese. The slices are ideal for switching to a vegan diet when you want to replace normal sliced cheese.

If you're interested in what reasons there are to give up dairy, feel free to check out this post "Why don't vegans drink milk". There you will find information about animal husbandry, the impact of dairy products on the environment and also on human health.

The vegan semi-hard cheese is also with calcium and vitamin B12 so that when you eat the slices, you also cover a good portion of your nutritional needs. So you can enjoy the slices while making sure you get enough calcium and vitamin B12.

Furthermore, the vegetable slice cheese is of course also suitable for people with lactose intolerance as a cheese alternative. The vegan gourmet slices are free of milk components and therefore well suited for lactose intolerance. They are also free of any animal ingredients and gluten-free as well. So if you're allergic, you'll find a delicious alternative to conventional slice cheese here.

Another advantage of vegan semi-hard cheese is its lower CO2 emissions compared to ordinary dairy products. In fact, dairy products produce large amounts of CO2 equivalent. A study by the Oxford University in London concluded that you can reduce almost three quarters of your personal diet-related CO2 emissions by switching from a mixed-food diet to a vegan diet.₁ So if you want to combine sustainability and enjoyment, you can buy the vegan sliced cheese.

Here again the advantages of the vegetable semi-hard cheese at a glance

So that you can find all the advantages of vegan slice cheese again in a clear form, I have listed them for you here:

  • Vegan semi-hard cheese with calcium and vitamin B12
  • Free from palm oil, lactose and gluten
  • 100 % flavor, 0 % animal ingredients
  • lower CO2 emissions than ordinary dairy products

I can absolutely recommend the vegan sliced cheese if you're in the mood for a vegan snack. If you like, you can order it online here.


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