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Beeswax wipes


  • Washable and reusable beeswax wipes
  • Made from cotton & beeswax
  • Ideal alternative for cling film
  • Meaningful in action against food waste

Your Impact: On average, every German produces about 38 kilograms of plastic waste per year. By replacing disposable cling film with reusable wax cloths, you counteract the waste problem.

The plastic free cling film made of cotton with beeswax keeps food fresh in a healthy and plastic-free way. The cotton sheets are filled with beeswax to keep food fresh longer. Just the warmth of your hands can shape the natural cling wrap into any shape and cling to bread, vegetables and other foods. Perfect for plastic-free storage of bread, vegetables, fruit or cheese. The Beeswax wipes can be cleaned by hand with dishwashing liquid and reused for up to a year. So if you're looking for a sustainable alternative to plastic cling wrap, these beeswax wipes are the way to go.

Plastic free cling film made from pure natural materials

  • Reusable and sustainable
  • Environmentally friendly and hygienic
  • Plastic-free and purely natural
  • Can be shaped as desired by the heat of the hand

Sustainable cling film without plastic for environmental protection

With the large, ecological wax cloths you can keep your food fresh much longer and at the same time avoid tons of plastic waste. This alternative to plastic cling film can be reused forever. That's why it's a staple of the zero waste lifestyle. Here you can order the beeswax wipes directly online.


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