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Boycott World Cup in Qatar – 13 good reasons for it

Boycott World Cup in Qatar 2022 - Good reasons for it

Why boycott the World Cup in Qatar? If you're looking for clear answers to this question, you've come to the right place. I've been a soccer fan since I could walk. Every weekend, I watch the games on TV or go to the stadium to watch them live - whether it's the Bundesliga or international matches. But the World Cup in Qatar is under special scrutiny and quite rightly under criticism.

In Norway, there was even a vote on whether the national team should travel at all in the event of a possible qualification. And 65 percent of Germans in large-scale polls were in favor of the German national team canceling its participation as well. But now some are not even qualified and others are going. There is not much left of the boycott thoughts. So now it's up to the soccer fans.

In this article, I'm going to show you why I'm not watching a single game of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. Let's go!

Here you can find a short overview in advance:

  1. People had to die for the World Cup in Qatar
  2. Catastrophic working conditions and exploitation
  3. The World Cup in Qatar is bought
  4. Targeted advertising show and image polish for Qatar
  5. Sporting events rarely achieve improvement in human rights
  6. The conditions for Qatar as a venue are catastrophic
  7. Homosexuality is a criminal offense in Qatar
  8. Qatar has no basic democratic values
  9. In Qatar, there is at most limited freedom of expression
  10. Women have hardly any rights in Qatar
  11. Qatar supports terrorist organizations
  12. No compensation for human rights violations
  13. There is no alternative to the World Cup boycott

1. people had to die for the world cup in Qatar

People had to die for the World Cup in Qatar

The Guardian revealed in 2021 that since the World Cup was awarded to the host country Qatar (December 2010), some 6,500 guest workers in connection with the construction of stadiums and infrastructure. Other statistics also speak of 15,000 deaths - however, this figure probably refers to all foreigners who died in Qatar during the aforementioned period.

However, the reason that the figures are generally relatively inaccurate is the poor collection and documentation of deaths and causes of death. In most cases, the organizing committee simply cited "heart failure" as the reason.

2. catastrophic working conditions and exploitation

However, the many deaths are in fact mainly due to Occupational accidents and poorly equipped accommodation to the work environment. High temperatures, long working hours, few breaks, poor supplies and inadequate occupational safety also increase the health risk. The human rights organization Amnesty International accordingly also spoke of "slave-like conditions."

Migrant workers would have lived in cramped quarters, were paid poorly or not at all, exploited, and could not even leave the country independently without the consent of the respective employer.₁ This modern form of slavery made the so-called kafala employment system possible - in the meantime, after all, a monthly minimum wage of 1000 Riyal (equivalent to 275 euros) introduced.

3. the world championship in Qatar is bought

Qatar is not a traditional soccer nation, but a desert state that, due to vast natural gas deposits incredibly rich and therefore also incredibly powerful and influential is. So powerful and influential, in fact, that the small country's World Cup bid even included competitors such as the favored USA, but also South Korea, Japan and Australia outstruck.

Leading FIFA officials are alleged to have cashed in on the awarding of the World Cup to Qatar. What most of us probably already suspected, was confirmed by the Release of an expanded, 70-page indictment by the U.S. Attorney's Office in New York in 2020.₂

Not only soccer officials such as Karl-Heinz Rummenigge are said to have been bribed (in this case with expensive watches) to support the World Cup in Qatar.₃ Fans of different nations were also bought in to create an atmosphere on site.₄

4. targeted advertising show and image polish for Qatar

World Cup in Qatar boycotted because Qatar is polishing up its image

Qatar has been systematically sponsoring more and more sports for decades, even buying entire soccer clubs (such as Manchester City, Paris St. Germain or Newcastle United) in order to create, with media support, a Create image as a cosmopolitan countrywhich is actually known for the absolute opposite. They successfully engage in "sportswashing.

The small gold emirate takes advantage of the greed of others to use its wealth to secure advertising contracts with media impact. For example, with FC Bayern Munich, whose jersey sleeves are now adorned with the "Qatar Airways" logo. Personally, I will boycott the World Cup in Qatar because I do not want to support this "clean washing".

5. sporting events rarely achieve an improvement in human rights

Amnesty International While explaining that "a boycott focused only on sports would not solve the structural problem, as Qatar's entire economic system is built on the exploitation of foreign labor."₅ The organization assumes that people's rights would only be further diminished because of the lack of attention.

However, in my opinion, there is more at stake here - because Finally, every cent from us consumers also supports the closed and intolerant government.. With this background knowledge, it would be extremely difficult for me to cheer when a goal is scored.

One more thing: More major sporting events would follow should the World Cup be a success. This could lead to further deaths and countless human rights violations. With a boycott one shows clear edge!

6. the conditions for Qatar as a venue are catastrophic

Qatar as a venue for the 2022 Football World Cup

In order for the 2022 World Cup to take place in Qatar at all, eight stadiums were built and the infrastructure of the small desert state was massively expanded. Since hot temperatures around 43°C are the rule in the summer months, they even moved the event to the winter (the most intense period of stress in the middle of the current season), although it traditionally takes place after the end of league operations in the summer. Due to the heat, all stadiums are cooled down in a climate-damaging way so that the time in the arena can be endured at all as a fan and especially as a player.

It is simply too hot in Qatar for sporting events, which poses a major health risk, especially for the athletes on site. This is just one of many reasons why I will not be watching the World Cup.

Culture Shock: Another reason why Qatar is not a suitable venue for a World Cup is that there are prison sentences and even lashes for consuming alcohol in public. In European soccer culture, however, fans and beer go together like peas and carrots. At the World Cup in Qatar, however, alcohol - after a heated debate - may only be consumed before and after the games.₆

7. homosexuality is a criminal offense in Qatar

Standing out as a lesbian or gay man in the small desert city can land you in jail for up to five years. The official Qatari World Cup ambassador, Khalid Salman, even referred to homosexuality in an interview with ZDF as a "mental harm" or mental illness.₇ Manuel Neuer, the captain of the German national team, even regularly wears a rainbow captain's armband as a Sign of solidarity with the LGBTQ community - To take part in the World Cup in a country that represents the absolute opposite values should actually mean for him to act against his own values.

8. Qatar has no basic democratic values

The emirate will ruled by the "Emir of Qatar" with absolutist power. He unites all powers in himself-decides on laws, executes them and controls their observance. There are neither parties nor a parliament, but only a board of advisors, which is staffed exclusively by the emir, i.e., it is not elected democratically. The predominant form of government is an absolute monarchy.

9. in Qatar there is at most limited freedom of expression

The US organization Freedom House classifies freedom of expression in Qatar as severely restricted. Personal communication is monitored and sharing politically sensitive content on social media can be punished.₈

On a law passed in 2020 that further restricted the right to freedom of expression, shared Amnesty International The following with:

"Authorities continued to exercise powers arbitrarily, imposing travel bans and other sanctions on individuals without trial. In some cases, this was apparently done as punishment for their political opinions or peaceful activities."

Amnesty International (Source)

Only positive reporting is desired - but not constructive, fact-based criticism, for example of the situation of the construction workers in the World Cup arenas or the homophobic statements of the responsible organizers. Anything that could damage the image is to be suppressed as quickly as possible.

10. women have hardly any rights in Qatar

Women enjoy few rights in Qatar

Women are not allowed to wear what they want, there is gender segregation in public places, and they are not allowed to leave the house without permission. If a woman is under 25 in Qatar, she is only allowed to enter into contracts if her male guardian allows her to do so. She is simply not allowed to do not act independently.

If a woman is raped and reports the crime, she can even expect to be convicted of extramarital sex. Now you know another reason why I will boycott the World Cup in Qatar.

Good to know: Even the Qatar women's national team was founded only to bid for the World Cup and was disbanded shortly after the award.

11 Qatar supports terrorist organizations

Also, due to terror funding, it is advisable not to watch or otherwise support the World Cup in Qatar. For example, the Salafists of the Nusra Front were in the Syrian civil war promoted. Also in Libya, in the fight against the dictator Muammar al-Gaddafi, Qatar financed the resistance of radical Islamic groups.₉ A country that pretends to be an ally of the West but finances Islamist terror must not receive support.

12. there is no compensation for human rights violations

Like Amnesty International explained, are Human rights violations in Qatar neither punished nor do those affected or their relatives receive compensation.₁₀ One of their petitions directly addressed Qatar's Minister of Labor, Ali bin Samikh Al Marri, and the President of Fifa, Gianni Infantino, asking for compensation for those affected. So far, there has been no response to the allegations.

There is no alternative to the boycott of the World Cup.

Why boycott the World Cup in Qatar?

These are all good reasons to boycott the World Cup in Qatar. One last reason, which I do not want to neglect, is the lack of alternatives. If you don't want to promote the problems mentioned in this article, there is no other alternative than the To leave the TV off and certainly not to travel to Doha or other locations of the stadiums in Qatar. If the DFB does not act itself, the least we can all do for the workers who died and their families and for the respect of our democratic, moral values is to boycott the World Cup in Qatar.

Boycott World Cup in Qatar and follow own values

The World Cup in Qatar is a "staged fake World Cup" that serves the purpose of hiding criticism of the intolerant and anything but cosmopolitan desert state behind an appealing facade. The entire event - from the construction of the stadiums, to the human rights violations, to the final whistle - is so far removed from the actual soccer that many of us love so much, which is so genuine, unifying, fair and rousing.

For the above reasons, I will boycott the World Cup in Qatar and will not watch any of the games. In the end, however, everyone decides for themselves.

What are you doing? Will you watch the World Cup and even look forward to it? Or will you boycott the international matches in the Emirate as well? Either way, I look forward to hearing your opinion.

Keep an open mind and be factual,

Christoph from CareElite - Plastic-free living

PS.: When we talk about social challenges, we also have to talk about racism. What everyone can do against racismYou can learn more about this in the next article.


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