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Grow your own pineapple - 7 steps for planting and propagation

Grow pineapple yourself

You want to grow your own pineapple? A fantastic idea! The queen of tropical fruits tastes incredibly delicious. Whether in a savory curry, as a topping for toast or simply as a healthy snack for in between: The yellow fruit flesh convinces with its wonderfully sweet taste. But pineapples are not only delicious, they can also be easily grown yourself, saving energy-intensive transportation and the cost to your wallet.

Here I would like to give you 7 simple steps on the way to homegrown pineapple reveal. So you can successfully grow them yourself. The best thing is to get started right away and bring the South Seas flair right into your home. Good luck!


The pineapple may be an exotic fruit, but that doesn't mean it can't grow here anyway. With a little time and patience you can soon bring this super fruit into your own four walls. If you meet all the needs of the pineapple plant, it will soon reward you with its sweet flesh.

With the following steps you can easily multiply pineapple yourself. You will see: The perhaps somewhat complex cultivation pays off. Because, of course, the freshly harvested pineapple tastes much better than from the supermarket shelf.

1. select suitable pineapple

A new tropical fruit can be grown from the leaf head of a mature pineapple plant. Here, however, you should not buy the first best. When selecting, make sure that the leaf head is as fresh and green as possible looks. Also, the fruit itself should be healthy and medium ripe be so that the flesh is nice and yellow and not mushy.

Take enough time for the purchase decision - after all, with the right choice you lay the foundation for your pineapple cultivation. Only if all the important requirements are met is there a good chance that you will soon be able to harvest your own pineapple fruit.

2. prepare pineapple fruit

Separate and multiply pineapple

After you have decided on a suitable pineapple fruit, you now have to Prepare for multiplication. To do this, cut off the leaf head with a sharp knife. Alternatively, you can also twist it out of the fruit - but here you need a little more strength.

Then remove the lowest leaves so that about 3-4 cm of the stalk are exposed. This is where the plants for the future roots are located. It is best to leave the cut of the leaf head dry for about two days, so that it does not begin to rot.

3. rooting leaf head

In order for a new pineapple plant to grow, it needs roots, of course. You root the leaf head best in water. To do this, place it in a glass and fill with water until the lower end of the leaf head lightly touches the water surface.

Make sure you give the leaf head in the jar a warm and semi-shaded place treat. In addition, you should make sure that there is always enough water in the glass - after all, you certainly don't want your head of leaves to die of thirst. After a few weeks usually form the first roots. If you succeeded, you can congratulate yourself on the first milestone. The first milestone to be able to grow your own pineapple.

4. plant leaf head in substrate

As soon as 3-5 cm long roots you can plant the leaf head in a nutrient-poor, permeable substrate. Special growing soil is best suited here, but the pineapple also feels comfortable in palm soil or a sand mixture.

Also use a pot that is not too small with enough drain holesso that you can avoid unwanted waterlogging. Then fill the substrate into the selected flower pot and insert the stalk to just below the leaf base - press the soil around well.

5. find the right location

As you probably know, the pineapple originates from the tropics - that's why it likes it all year round as possible warm and humid. A sunny place on the windowsill, a light-flooded bathroom or a bright conservatory are optimal locations for growing the exotic fruit.

But not only the ripened pineapple fruit loves warmth and moisture - the leaf head also needs these site conditions for successful growth. Constant room temperatures between 25°C and 30°C and a humidity from 60% are ideal conditions.

Because especially the latter is difficult to fulfill in the living area, you best cover the head of leaves with a transparent foil bag off. Alternatively, you can spray it regularly with water.

6. harvest pineapple

As soon as the pineapple sprouts in the middle of the leaf head, it has grown - now you can remove the foil bag with a clear conscience. Nevertheless, until the harvest the plant needs a Warm location with high humidity. I recommend that you continue to leave them on the windowsill or in the bathroom, or move them - if possible - to the winter garden.

It takes at least one year for a new pineapple fruit to ripen. a whole year. In most cases, you have to wait three to four years before you can harvest the super fruit. But how can you tell if it's ready to harvest? It's very simple! Look for their color: as soon as the fruit yellowish is, you can harvest them and enjoy properly.

7. replant and propagate daughter plants.

After harvesting, the head of leaves usually dies. But before that it forms all around new daughter plants out. You can replant these in individual flower pots and continue cultivating them. In this way, the pineapple plant can be propagated further and further and home cultivation does not stop.

Tip: At Food for propagation, you will learn which fruits you can "reproduce" on the windowsill, for example!

Grow your own pineapple made easy!

Now you've learned quite a bit about growing pineapples. I am sure that these 7 steps will help you with the implementation. So that you are not completely overwhelmed at the beginning, you will get on the following infographic once again a brief overview about the successful cultivation of the tropical fruit:

Grow pineapple yourself
In a few steps to your own pineapple / Source: ©

So practice patience and meet the needs of your pineapple plant as best you can. After a while you can satisfy your palate with the super delicious pulp spoil. I wish you a lot of fun trying it out!

Do you have any questions about growing pineapples? Or can you think of a few tips and tricks to grow a pineapple yourself? Then feel free to leave me a comment!

Stay sustainable,

Christoph from CareElite - Plastic-free living

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