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  • Sustainable pencils with seed capsule
  • Beautiful graphite pencils for planting
  • Biological pens, ideal for school
  • Plastic-free from packaging to pencil

Your Impact: With these pencils with plant seeds you avoid plastic packaging waste and at the same time you can plant herbs, flowers or even fresh vegetables in your home.

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This Pencils with seed pods for planting are a nice thought-provoking impulse to change the consciousness of our society, away from the throwaway society and towards sustainability, self-sufficiency and zero waste culture. Who doesn't know it: At some point, the pencil is simply too short for you to write well with it and then you throw it away, even though there is still some of the lead left.

Not so, however, with these pencils for planting. The capsules contain seeds for herbs or flowers, which you can then plant as soon as the pencil is small. Of course, the seed capsule is biodegradable and harmless. Just like the pencil itself. Strictly speaking, it is not a pencil at all. In fact, the lead is not made of lead, but of graphite and clay. Therefore, the plants and herbs that grow from the stub of the pencil are absolutely safe and edible.

How does the planting of the seed pod?

Planting the graphite pencil is quite simple. You fill a pot with potting soil and water it so that it is slightly moist. Then place the pencil stub at an angle and not too deep into the soil. The seed pod should just be covered by the soil. Now place the pot in a bright place in your home, but without direct sunlight. Make sure that the soil stays moist for the next few weeks until the seeds begin to germinate after one to four weeks.

Why the sustainable pencils with seed capsule?

The environmentally friendly pencils are of course made of natural materials. The wood of the sustainable graphite pencils for planting is of course from FSC-certified ecological forestry. The lead is made of graphite and clay. Due to the natural materials, the herbs springing from the seed pods are guaranteed safe, free of harmful substances and suitable for consumption.

Furthermore, the pencils are processed and packaged without plastic, so you can avoid unnecessary plastic waste.

The environmentally friendly pencils help you to promote the change of consciousness towards a sustainable society and are also educationally valuable if you buy them for your children. This way, children learn that it is good to reuse things and to grow herbs or flowers themselves.

The advantages of environmentally friendly graphite pencils for planting

  • Pencils from natural materials
  • Guaranteed without lead or other harmful substances
  • Sustainable use for the end of the pencil
  • Pedagogical value for children

Herbs from the pencils for planting

No matter whether you let basil, sage, dill or a completely different plant spring from the seed capsules. Either way, you've found a sustainable use for your pencil ends, and you're creating a little more zero waste culture. If you like, you can order the sustainable pencils for planting online here.


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