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Vegan minced meat

  • The vegetable alternative for minced meat
  • Same taste - lower CO2 emissions
  • Ideal for lasagna, bolognese or moussaka
  • Simply prepared, like conventional mince
  • 100% taste and 0% animal suffering
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If you have a vegetable minced meat alternative then you've come to the right place! With the vegan mince you can easily replace conventional minced meat. Meanwhile, there are really many different substitutes for minced meat, so you are virtually spoiled for choice.

Whether you're in the mood for chili sin carne, bolognese, or lasagna, vegan mince provides the perfect base. The list of possible dishes is probably endless. Vegan moussaka, potato mince casserole or burgers, you can easily prepare these and many other recipes with the vegetable mince. Even if you feel like meatballs or cabbage rolls filled with minced meat, you are well served with the vegetable mince alternative. To make it hold together nicely, all you need is some chickpea flour or a few ground flax seeds and a little water. More about the preparation of the vegan mince can be found below.

What is vegan minced meat and what is in it?

The question is easy to answer: vegan minced meat is a plant-based alternative to conventional minced meat. Most often it is eaten by vegans, vegetarians or flexitarians because they refuse to consume animal products. If you are wondering what the reasons are for not eating animal products, you can find in the article "Why do vegans eat substitute products?" many answers.

Perhaps you have already asked yourself the question of what vegan mince is made from. This can not be answered in a general way, because depending on the manufacturer, of course, the ingredients differ. However, all have one thing in common, the vegan mince is made only from vegetable ingredients. The basis for this can be, for example, soy or sunflower seed protein.

How do I prepare vegetable mince?

The preparation of vegan minced meat differs little from that of normal minced meat. One advantage of the vegan minced alternatives is that they do not need to be fried for a long time, but only heated, as it is not necessary to kill bacteria.

How does vegan minced meat taste?

This question is not so easy to answer, because of course the taste of the vegetable mince alternatives differs depending on the manufacturer and the base of the mince. For example, the vegan mince tastes slightly nutty if it is based on sunflower seeds. Also, it still depends on the spices and sauce you use. It's best to try out the different manufacturers until you find your favorite vegan mince.

Why vegetable mince?

The main reason why we buy vegan mince is probably because it is produced completely without animal ingredients. This ensures animal-free production and you can enjoy your mince with a clear conscience.

Furthermore, the vegetable mince alternative is also good for the environment because meat is one of the food groups that have the highest CO2 emissions. So if you buy a vegetable mince instead, you can effectively reduce your CO2 emissions during the meal and contribute something positive to your ecological footprint.

Besides the animals and the environment, you can also be happy. Because the vegan mince tastes good and is produced without unnecessary chemicals or pollutants. The great taste also makes it easier for you to switch to a vegan diet, if that is your goal. And if you are already on a vegan diet, the vegan minced meat is your ideal substitute for minced meat when you have a craving for delicious casseroles, pasta or stews with minced meat.

The advantages of the vegetable alternative to minced meat at a glance

Here are all the benefits of vegan mince again in a concise list:

  • vegetable mince alternative without chemistry
  • prepared quickly and easily
  • ideal for lasagna, bolognese or moussaka
  • good for the environment as it saves CO2
  • 100% taste, 0% animal suffering

I can absolutely recommend the vegan mince to you, as it is a healthier, environmentally and animal friendly alternative to conventional mince. If you feel like trying it out, you can order vegan mince online here.


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