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Wood kitchen gadgets


  • Kitchen gadget set made from sustainable bamboo wood
  • From the cooking spoon to the spatula
  • Robust and durable kitchen utensils
  • Environmentally friendly and plastic free packaging
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You are looking for sustainable Wood kitchen gadgets bamboo as an environmentally friendly alternative to the plastic variety? Then you are absolutely right here. This set offers you all the classic Bamboo wood kitchen utensils instead of plastic.

You get different salad spoons and cooking spoons, as well as spatulas made of bamboo wood. So there's everything that an environmentally friendly kitchen needs in the way of little helpers.

Why ecological kitchen gadgets made of bamboo wood?

The most important thing about these sustainable kitchen utensils is the material. Bamboo is a resource-saving raw material that grows quickly. Thus, you save the environment with this ecological cooking cutlery made of bamboo wood. But that's not all.

You may be familiar with those melted burn marks on plastic cooking spoons or spatulas. Unfortunately, when the plastic is exposed to heat, toxic gases are produced that are harmful to our health. This does not happen with the kitchen utensils made of bamboo. Therefore, the bamboo wooden spoons and spatulas are also a natural, healthy and sensible alternative for your health.

Wooden kitchen utensils made of bamboo are also gentle on the coatings of pans, as they do not scratch them. Stainless steel spatulas can quickly damage the non-stick coating of pans.

Bamboo is also antibacterial and does not give off a woody taste or odor to the food.

The practical wooden kitchen utensils have a hole on the handle, from which you can easily hang them up. So you can store your bamboo wooden spoons and spatulas space-saving.

The advantages of bamboo kitchen gadgets at a glance

Here I have again listed all the advantages of the set with bamboo spatula, cooking spoon, etc. in a clear form:

  • Ecological kitchen gadgets made from renewable bamboo
  • Healthy, robust and plastic-free
  • Gentle for pan coatings
  • Practical for hanging
  • Various wooden cooking spoons and spatulas

I can only recommend you to buy the kitchen cutlery made of bamboo wood, because you can equip your kitchen sustainably and besides the environment you can also protect your health through the wooden kitchen utensils.


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