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Glass measuring cup


  • Heat resistant glass measuring cup
  • For gas and electric stoves, microwave, refrigerator & dishwasher
  • Product and packaging are plastic free
  • With many scales (US cups, liquid ounce, ml, g)
  • Make your kitchen even more plastic-free!
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Finally no more plastic in your kitchen with the high quality Glass measuring jug. With the Glass measuring cup Without plastic, you don't let harmful substances into your liquids and you avoid plastic waste. For your smoothies, fruit and vegetable juices, the plastic-free measuring cup is the healthy alternative to plastic containers.

The borosilicate glass is heat-resistant and therefore suitable for heating liquids on the electric and gas stove or microwave. In addition, the heat-resistant measuring jug has a practical spout so that there is no spillage when baking, cooking or mixing cocktails. Thus, the borosilicate glass measuring jug is the perfect alternative to plastic measuring cups.

Why a plastic-free measuring cup made of glass?

With the eco-friendly glass measuring jug, you reduce unnecessary plastic, have a food safe and toxin-free material, and has other benefits like the many units of measurement marked on it and the fact that the measuring jug is heat resistant. But first things first.

Since the sustainable one does not use plastic, it is kinder to the environment. Plastic is a petroleum-based substance that remains in the environment for a very long time after disposal. The borosilicate glass used for the measuring cup, on the other hand, is completely free of chemicals and fully recyclable. So if you should throw the cup away at some point, it will be completely added to the recyclable cycle. In addition, the packaging is completely plastic-free.

Another advantage in using glass is that it is a food-safe material that is free of BPA and other harmful substances. So unlike plastic measuring cups, there are no health drawbacks here.

The alternative to plastic measuring cups also scores with the many different units of measurement that can be found on the cup. The scales make it easy for you to measure ingredients accurately. Even if the US units of measurement such as US cups or liquid ounce are included in your baking recipe, this is no problem. A marker for grams and milliliters is of course also included.

Another particularly practical feature is that the plastic-free measuring jug is heat-resistant and microwaveable. So you can quickly heat ingredients like butter or margarine.

That's why a plastic-free glass measuring cup is indispensable in the kitchen

  • Your food and beverages no longer come into contact with harmful plastic
  • Your kitchen becomes one step plastic free
  • The heat resistant glass measuring cup is suitable for cold and hot liquids
  • Optimal for measuring by units of measurement
  • Can be easily cleaned by hand and in the dishwasher

The measuring cup without plastic for sustainability and healthy food

With the high-quality glass measuring cup you get a beautiful, sustainable and natural kitchen utensil. Thanks to the use of borosilicate glass, the measuring cup is heat-resistant, robust and free of harmful substances. This makes it the ideal, sustainable alternative to plastic measuring cups and is suitable for your eco-friendly kitchen. You can buy the measuring cup without plastic online here if the arguments convince you.


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