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Wooden Sink Brush Set


  • Wooden dish brush set from natural materials
  • Spare head and cup brush included
  • Brush head can be dismantled
  • Handy & Practical
  • Plastic-free produced in Germany

With the sustainable Sink brushes set of wood you make your kitchen a bit more plastic-free and sustainable. The Wooden dishwashing brushes are made from natural, environmentally friendly materials.

The set of dishwashing brushes contains different sized and strong brushes with sturdy wooden handle and brushes made of natural fibers. The natural fibers of the wood Cup brush are very robust and provide thorough cleaning of pots and pans. The brushes of the Wood vegetable brush is somewhat softer and free vegetables from dirt and soil residues.

The environmentally friendly wooden sink brush set for a plastic-free kitchen

Only sustainable and natural materials are used for the production of the sustainable wooden brushes. This makes the wooden dishwashing brushes biodegradable. The wood used for the production comes from controlled cultivation. Since the wooden dish brushes are made without plastic, you effectively ensure less plastic waste in the environment with the purchase of the sustainable dish brush set.

The handles of the various brushes fit comfortably in the hand and allow optimal cleaning with the natural fiber brushes, so that the dishes are neatly clean. The fact that the set includes several brushes with different shapes and handles, you will find the optimal brush depending on the application.

The brush head can be easily removed if necessary and replaced with the included replacement brush. With the small Wooden pot brush you can easily remove even stubborn dirt from the edges of the pot.

The environmentally friendly dishwashing brushes are also produced in Germany to keep transport distances as short as possible.

The advantages of plastic-free wooden brush sets at a glance

  • 100 %-ig plastic free wooden dish brushes
  • From natural raw materials
  • Biodegradable
  • Set with different rinsing brushes
  • Produced in Germany

With the wooden dishwashing brushes you clean thoroughly and environmentally friendly

The high-quality brushes made of natural materials are manufactured in Germany. Due to the sustainable raw materials and short transportation routes, the ecological dish brush set effectively contributes to environmental protection. Accordingly, I can recommend you to buy the sustainable wooden dish brush set.


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