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Arguments against sustainability e-book


You want to produce less waste and inspire other people to do the same? Then I give you immediately & free of chargemy new Zero Waste e-book "All the arguments against Zero Waste - and how you can easily refute them". worth 10€. If you like, you can also receive my 10-part free email series and my monthly newsletter. For example, you'll benefit from countless zero waste tips and discount vouchers for sustainable stores. It's definitely worth it!

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Free e-book "All the arguments against Zero Waste".

Many other community members have already downloaded the e-book! You'll learn concisely and specifically how to refute typical arguments of naggers against the zero waste lifestyle in order to inspire more people to consciously avoid waste in everyday life. And who knows: maybe you'll even get rid of some of your own prejudices against conscious waste avoidance.

I have been living (almost) plastic- and waste-free myself for many years and have created this Zero Waste e-book with the aim of encouraging our society to complete its own everyday life with less waste of resources and conscious waste avoidance.

Fortunately, there really isn't a single logical argument against a sustainable, zero-waste lifestyle. Once you've read this e-book, you'll be able to counter claims like "zero waste is too expensive" or "100% plastic-free doesn't even work" with routine detachment and take the opportunity to introduce others to this future-oriented lifestyle.

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Zero Waste Ebook

I am infinitely grateful for any support!

You can download this e-book for free, of course - but if you still want to throw something into the coffee fund, you are welcome to do so here. The donation is primarily an investment in new, scientific blog posts at CareElite and CleanUp materials for cleanup efforts in the fight against plastic waste in the environment. Either way, thank you for your tireless efforts in the fight against the Plastic waste in the environment.