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Reading books - Why reading is so important

17 reasons why you should read books regularly

Wondering why reading books is so important? Everyone can imagine that it promotes our personal development if we read books more often. Nevertheless, in our fast-paced society, it comes up far too short for many people. There are simply too many other employment opportunities that are more convenient. Yet reading brings so many incredible benefits for all of us.

That's why, in this article, I'd like to give you 17 plausible arguments for regularly poring over books.

Here already once a short Overview:

  1. Compensation
  2. Communication Skills
  3. Social competence
  4. Creativity
  5. Relationships
  6. Health
  7. Talking points
  8. Charisma
  9. Question
  10. Empathy
  11. Writing Skills
  12. Natural resources
  13. Concentration skills
  14. Foreign language skills
  15. Maintain mental abilities
  16. General education
  17. Available free of charge

Why is it so important to read books?

You'll quickly discover that reading not only makes you smart, but basically positively influences all areas of your personal development. Whether health, appearance or knowledge. That in advance: there are so many advantages that it would be pretty stupid not to benefit from them. Let's go!

1. the ideal balance

Do you know what a Sensory overload is? It is a state of mental overload of our body due to too many stimuli from our environment. Reading a book allows you to escape from this stress and creates a calming balance.

2. promotion of communication skills

Those who read regularly not only promote their Vocabularybut also the own Formulation capability. Those who can express themselves well ultimately enjoy infinite advantages in their private and professional lives.

3. better social competence

Reading books has also been shown to improve one's social skills. This also makes regular book-rolling so important in childhood. Children's stories teach basic values for moral behavior. skills that can ultimately decide the course of one's life.

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4. more creativity and imagination

This argument for reading books certainly makes sense, doesn't it? The more you escape from your everyday bubble and read about new, previously unknown things, the more your own creativity and imagination expand. The Diving into new worlds can ultimately have significant advantages - for example, in problem solving in everyday situations.

5. stronger relationship with the partner

The Shared reading also promotes the depth of one's own relationship. I can also confirm this from my own experience. It's nice to block out a certain time in the week when you can relax together. You also get to know the other person even better and can deeper conversations that go beyond everyday madness.

6. fewer diseases

Reading books outside in nature

Why reading is so important? Because it calms our soul. Less stimuli, means less stress. That's why reading books after a Yale University study even the Extend life.₁ In addition, the regular, mental activity protect against senile dementia.₂

Quite incidentally, reading is also wonderfully possible while one is outdoors in nature is. Another way to do something good for your own health.

7. abundance of topics of conversation

This argument for regular reading is almost self-evident. Who reads can have a say! And constantly has new topics of conversation ready in everyday situations, so that conversations can be kept going better.

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8. better charisma

Surveys among singles have shown that the majority People with an affinity for reading are more intelligent and therefore more attractive All the more reason to pick up a book more often, right? And honestly, who would you rather have a conversation with: someone staring at a smartphone or reading a book?

9. improved questioning and distinguishing between important and unimportant issues

Reading books is also so important because it can change our analytical skills improved and our Attention span extended. This is simply because when we read, we are exposed to only a few stimuli and have to link many sentences into a story. In the end, it's easier for us to question things and recognize untruths.

A study from France has also confirmed that reading helps us to do this, Distinguish important from unimportant.₄

10. more empathy

Another argument for reading books is definitely the promotion of one's empathy. Articles and stories provide us with Insights into other worlds and cultures, so that we have proven better empathize with other people or even animals A high level of empathy, for example, is a decisive factor for a long-term sustainable lifestyle.

11. better writing skills

When you read good books, your writing skills also improve - also scientifically confirmed.₆ In principle, you automatically expand your own skills, because you new words and appealing sentence formulations of good authors and acquire them.

Tip: I have also given you another detailed post with Advice on writing good blog articles written. Feel free to have a look!

12. conserving natural resources through digital or used books

The ecological aspect should also not be neglected in the arguments for reading. Each physical book consists of the natural resource Wood. Accordingly, each book also leads to the fact that somewhere trees or Forests cut down need to be.

Therefore, it makes sense to basically read books that have already had a previous owner. The principle: with every used book you read, you justify the cutting down of trees at least a little more. However, I have since switched to an e-reader, so no more trees have to be cut down for my new books.

13. higher concentration ability

Every day, we receive an infinite number of stimuli that put our ability to focus to the test and reduce rather than improve it. Reading, on the other hand Promotes our concentration and, as already mentioned, improves our attention span. Quite simply because fewer stimuli are piled on us and we have to concentrate on the contents of a book - for general comprehension - for longer than 10 seconds.

14. better foreign language skills

How pronounced the learning effect of foreign languages is, of course, depends primarily on the language in which you read a book. I read most books in English now and can see an absolute improvement in my language skills. Also because translations are displayed directly in the e-reader if I don't know a word yet.

But also in German-language books you can - quite automatically - find one or the other Pick up foreign word. For me, this great advantage of regular reading is generally still quite underestimated.

15. maintain mental abilities permanently

You want to stay young and fit in the head for as long as possible? Then you should read books more often. That will keep your mental faculties sharp for a long time to come. delays the course of Alzheimer's disease, for example.

Another good argument for poring over books regularly, don't you think?

16. better general education

Books come in all colors and genres. Every time we read a book, it makes us a little bit smarter. From a crime novel, for example, we learn more about forensic analysis. And from a historical book, more about the history of a country. That's what makes reading so incredibly great - and allows our own general knowledge to grow steadily.

Even from a bad book we can learn that authors are not infallible and omniscient 😉.

17. books are often available free of charge

Woman reading book in library

There is another very important argument for reading books: it is practically free. Both in the Library (be sure to get a library card!) as well as on the e-reader, you can borrow or download thousands of free books and learn new things. Swap books with friends more often - it's a great use of natural resources. Another proof that you can save money through sustainability can.

Knowledge is not expensive - those who are inquisitive and read a lot know that.

Reading books - Too many reasons to do so!

Well, that was a lot of good reasons to read a book more often, wasn't it? Now you should know why reading is so important. My only regret is that I didn't realize this earlier in my life and wasted far too much time on useless things. Don't get me wrong: there has to be time for nonsense, too - but a little less would probably have done it, too 🙂

Here are some more further book and article recommendations on my part:

Do you have questions or further arguments for reading? Then just write me a comment.

Stay inquisitive,

Christoph from CareElite - Plastic-free living

PS.: I believe that reading makes you successful(er). Feel free to also look at the most valuable Habits of successful people that I have compiled for you.

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