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Reading books - Why reading is so important

17 Benefits Of Reading Books – Why You Should Read Books Every Day

Wondering why reading books is so important? Everyone can probably imagine that it promotes our personal development when we Read books more often. Nevertheless, many people miss out on reading in our fast-paced society. There are simply too many ways to occupy ourselves and other things with which we pass the time. Yet it brings so many incredible benefits for all of us if we regularly read one or the other bestseller.

In this article, I would therefore like to give you some convincing arguments for reading books regularly. Let's go!

Here already a short overview:

  1. Ideal, soothing balance
  2. Promote communication skills
  3. Improve social competence
  4. Become more creative and imaginative
  5. Strengthen relationship and partnership
  6. Become healthier and prevent diseases
  7. Increase variety of topics of conversation
  8. Improve charisma
  9. Facilitate more critical questioning
  10. Become more empathetic and learn empathy
  11. Increase writing skills
  12. Become more focused and attentive
  13. Improve foreign language skills
  14. Preserve mental abilities
  15. Improve general knowledge and expand horizons
  16. Fall asleep easier and sleep better
  17. Benefit from free books

17 Advantages: Why is it so important to read books?

Advantages: Why should you read books?

There's a cornucopia of benefits! You'll quickly discover that reading not only makes you smart, but it also basically positively influences all areas of your personality development. Whether health, appearance, performance or knowledge.

"Books are a uniquely portable magic."

Stephen King (more at Reading quotes)

Use the following benefits and reasons to motivate those to read more often!

1. reading is an ideal, calming balance

Do you know what a Sensory overload is? It is a state of mental overload of our body by too many stimuli from our environment. Reading a book makes you escape from this stress and creates a soothing balance.

2. reading promotes communication skills

Those who read regularly not only promote their own Vocabulary, but also the Formulation capability. Those who can express themselves well ultimately enjoy infinite advantages in their personal and professional lives. Improved communication skills are a crucial reason for reading.

3. reading improves social competence

Regular book rolling has also been shown to improve one's social skills. That's also what makes it so important in childhood. Children's stories teach basic values for moral behavior. skills that can ultimately decide the course of one's life.

Tip: Look you suitably also gladly my contribution to the topic Environmental protection in school on!

4. reading makes more creative and imaginative

This argument for reading books certainly makes sense, doesn't it? The more you escape from the everyday bubble and think about new, previously unknown things the more your own creativity and imagination will expand.

The Diving into new worlds can ultimately have significant advantages - for example, in problem solving in everyday situations.

5. reading strengthens relationship and partnership

The Shared reading also promotes the depth of one's own relationship. I can also confirm this from my own experience. It's nice to have a block out certain time slot in the week, where you can come to rest together.

You also get to know the other person even better and can deeper conversations that go beyond the everyday "madness".

6. reading makes you healthier and prevents diseases

Reading books outside in nature

Why reading is so important? Because it calms our soul. Less stimuli, means less stress. That's why reading books after a Yale University study even the Extend life.₁ In addition, the regular, mental activity protect against senile dementia.₂

Quite incidentally, reading is also wonderful, while one outdoors in nature is. Another way to do something good for their own health.

7. reading increases the variety of topics of conversation

This argument for regular reading is almost self-evident. Who reads can have a say! And constantly has new topics of conversation ready in everyday situations, so that conversations can be kept going better.

Tip: Want to keep conversations flowing better? Then be sure to check out these Questions for getting to know each other and for better everyday conversations on!

8. reading improves charisma

Surveys among singles have shown that People with an affinity for reading more intelligent, more interesting and therefore more attractive have an effect on others.₃

All the more reason to pick up a book more often, right? Cross your heart: who would you rather have a conversation with? With a person staring at a smartphone or in a person reading a book?

9. reading facilitates more critical questioning

Reading books is also so important because it can change our analytical skills improved and our Attention span extended. This is simply because when we read, we are exposed to only a few stimuli and have to link many sentences into a story. In the end, it's easier for us to question things and recognize untruths.

A study from France has also confirmed that reading helps us to do this, Distinguish important from unimportant.₄

10. reading makes more empathetic and teaches empathy

Another reason for reading books is definitely to enhance one's empathy. Articles and stories provide us with Insights into other worlds and cultures, so that we have proven better empathize with other people or even animals can.₅

A high level of empathy, for example, is a crucial factor for long-term sustainable lifestyle.

11. reading increases writing skills

A person writes in a notebook and drinks something from a cup

If you read good books, your writing skills will also improve.₆ You're basically expanding your own skills automatically as you new words and appealing sentence formulations of good authors and acquire them.

Tip: I have also given you another detailed post with Advice on writing good blog articles written. Feel free to take a look!

12. reading makes more concentrated and attentive

Every day we receive an infinite number of stimuli that put our ability to concentrate to the test and reduce rather than improve it. Reading, on the other hand Promotes our concentration and, as already mentioned, improves our attention span.

Simply because less stimuli are piling up on us and we have to concentrate - for the general understanding of the contents of a book - for longer than 10 seconds.

13. improves foreign language skills

How pronounced the learning effect of foreign languages is, of course, depends primarily on the language in which you read a book. I read most books in English now and can see an absolute improvement in my language skills. Also because translations are displayed directly in the e-reader if I don't know a word yet.

But also in German-language books you can - quite automatically - find one or the other Pick up foreign word. For me, this great advantage of regular reading is generally still quite underestimated.

Tip: If you have a learn new language I have many more tips for you in the linked blog article that will extremely accelerate your learning process.

14. reading preserves mental abilities

You want to stay young and fit in the head for as long as possible? Then you should read books more often than ever. Because that keeps your mental faculties on their toes - and delays the course of Alzheimer's disease, for example. Another good argument for poring over books regularly, don't you think?

15. reading improves general knowledge and broadens horizons

Books come in all colors, shapes and genres. Every time we read a book, it makes us a little bit smarter. From a crime novel, for example, we learn more about forensic analysis. And from a historical book, more about the history of a country. The reading Increases general knowledge - and lets us think outside the box. That's what makes it so incredibly great!

By the way: Even from a bad book we can learn that even authors are not infallible and omniscient 😉 .

16. reading makes it easier to fall asleep and sleep through the night

Who before going to sleep reads a book instead of staring at the bright smartphone screen, can change the own Improve sleep significantly and also fall asleep much more pleasantly and easily.

Because reading is relaxing, Brings us to other thoughts and makes us forget the events of the day. Therefore, you should make it a conscious ritual to fall asleep and for your mental regeneration use

Tip: How you can use your Sheep room as healthy as possible and sleep friendly furnishingsBy the way, I will explain this in a separate blog article.

17. reading is mostly free

Woman reading book in library

There is another very important argument for reading books: it is practically free. Both in the Library (be sure to get a library card!), as well as on the e-reader, you can borrow or download thousands of free books and learn new things.

Also in public Book boxes and book cells you can always grab a free book you haven't read yet. Or exchange books with friends more often too - this also spares the natural resources of the earth. Another proof that you can save money through sustainability can.

Knowledge is not expensive! Books you can of course also buy used. Good places to go for this, in addition to the flea market, are for example eBay Classifieds or Medimops*.

Frequently asked questions about reading books

Is it bad if you don't read?

It all depends on what goals and dreams you pursue in life. Never or only very rarely reading a book, for example, can have a direct or indirect negative influence on one's own life. Alzheimer's risk and Stress level, on Salary and the Life expectancybut also to the Ability to concentrate and the Partnership take.

What does reading do to the psyche?

People who read books often regularly stimulate their own brain cells and thus promotes his cognitive abilities. For example, one increases the concentration, communication, and reading and writing skills. In addition, one is much more balanced, stress-free and creative.

What do they say about people who read a lot?

People who read a lot of books will also Bookworms, bookworms or book fools mentioned. In addition, Vielleser:innen is offered, among other things, a greater verbal intelligence, an increased Empathy and larger General knowledge said.

Reading books - Too many reasons to do so!

Those were pretty good reasons to read, don't you think? Anyway, now you know, why reading is so important. Personally, I only regret that I have not recognized this earlier in my life and wasted far too much time with useless things. There has to be time for nonsense, too, of course - but a little less would probably have done the trick. 🙂

"Everyone who knows how to read has it in their power to magnify themselves, to multiply the ways in which they exist, to make their life full, significant, and interesting."

Aldous Huxley

Here are some more further book and article recommendations on my part:

Do you have questions or can you think of more arguments for reading? Then just write me a comment.

Stay inquisitive,

Christoph from CareElite - Plastic-free living

PS: I believe that reading makes you happy and productive. In keeping with this, feel free to check out the most valuable Habits of successful people which I have compiled for you in the next article.

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