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Here in the Minimalism Blog from CareElite, you'll get the best tips on how to consume less and live a minimalist life. No matter if you want to clean out a bit at home or reduce basically unimportant things like consumption in your life. These blog posts will get you started:

You can comment on every single post in this consumption blog as usual. Write me, for example, if you have suggestions for improvement, questions or your own ideas!

Minimalism Blog by CareElite

In this blog about minimalism you will be regularly informed and inspired about this modern lifestyle. Reduce your consumption and generally also unimportant things in your everyday life. Create clarity - because it will make you happier and more balanced. The Minimalism Blog, for example, will present the best Books about minimalism introduce. You will also learn, for example, the Tiny House Movement where you don't live in oversized apartments, but in so-called mini-houses that are simply as minimally equipped as you really need.

The best minimalism books about minimalist living

That's why I am minimalism blogger

Whereas with CareElite I mainly talk about the plastic free lifestyle of course, is also the Consumption criticism and the minimalism a valuable drive. In this minimalism blog, I would therefore like to think a little further and not only avoid garbage, but fundamentally question the concept of ownership. Sustainable consumption is sustainable. Having more does not necessarily make you happier. Therefore, as a minimalist blogger, I would like to clearly show that you can also be happy with a few but valuable things for yourself. Reduced consumption is easy on the wallet and creates a calming overview in the apartment. And now have fun in this consumption blog!

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