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Taiwan bans single-use plastic from 2030

Taiwan from 2030 without single-use plastic

Taiwan. Like many Southeast Asian countries, the country of Taiwan has a massive problem with the Plastic waste in the environment. By 2030 at the latest, locals and inbound travelers will have to get used to using, for example, a reusable Glass drinking bottle, a cotton bag or simple Fruit and vegetable nets to have with you.

Because from that date, a massive ban on single-use plastic will be enforced in Taiwan, prohibiting the sale, possession and manufacture of plastic bottles, plastic cups, plastic bags and other single-use plastic items.

Preparation for the massive changeover

Up to the year 2030, there is a clear roadmap to meet the Plastic in Taiwan to declare war and reduce waste from single-use products step by step. As early as 2019, restaurant chains will no longer dispense plastic straws, and as of 2020, neither disposable plastic cutlery nor the typical disposable plates will be found there. In an organized process, Taiwan is to be gradually prepared for the complete ban.

We will of course continue to follow this positive decision.

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