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Welcome to the Store for sustainable storage! Here you will find all kinds of things that will make you much easier to store food or items in an environmentally friendly way.

Why a sustainable storage store?

My main goal is to show you the products that make an environmentally friendly life - and in this case the sustainable storage of food and objects - much easier. By sustainability, I mean that you can keep food longer so that it doesn't end up in the trash can unnecessarily. I also want to introduce you to products that are sustainable in terms of their material or their longevity. I want to take the search off your hands and get you to your goal faster.

What products can I find in the sustainable storage store?

With these sustainable household items, which are mostly plastic-free, you can save even more plastic waste. For example, use the canning jars to buy new food at the non-packaging store and switch to spice jars with wooden lids. There are also wonderful eco-friendly alternatives for on-the-go storage with stainless steel lunch boxes. Personally, I'm also a big fan of wooden fruit crates, which you can use to build a cool shelf. There are also really good stainless steel bowls for storing up. But now I wish you a lot of fun shopping!

Add new products to the storage store?

Oh one more thing! This storage store is constantly updated. And if you are missing an eco-friendly item here, feel free to send me a note using the links below or register your own product:

  • Make product proposal (private, e.g. if you are missing a product here that is also sustainable but has not been listed at all)
  • Register your own product (business, e.g. if you sell a green article yourself, which should be offered here at CareElite)