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Toilet brush

  • Plastic free wooden toilet brush
  • Toilet brush made of untreated beech wood
  • Toilet brush made of wood with natural bristles
  • Plastic-free from packaging to toilet brushes

A plastic-free life need not stop at the toilet brush. The Wooden toilet brush cleans and is hygienically clean as any conventional plastic product. At the same time, the toilet brush made of untreated wood has the advantage that you do not create plastic waste and is also much nicer than a plastic brush.

In addition to the beautiful design, the brush convinces especially with its sustainability. Because the environmentally friendly toilet brush is made exclusively from natural materials. The combination of wood and natural fibers ensures that the product is completely biodegradable. So no residue remains in nature when you part with the brush at some point after use. Since the wooden toilet brush does not use plastic, you sustainably reduce the production of plastic waste.

The bristles made of natural fiber are very robust, so that the wooden toilet brush lasts a long time. Due to the sustainable and robust materials, the environmental impact.

The advantages of the plastic-free wooden toilet brush

  • Environmentally friendly toilet brush made of natural material
  • Made in Germany
  • Effectively reduces plastic waste
  • Beautiful design

The eco-friendly wooden toilet brush for your plastic-free bathroom

Get rid of your plastic brush and get the sustainable one Toilet brush made of untreated beech wood. Sturdy, durable, easy to clean, hygienic and also a pleasure to look at, the wooden brush is ideal for an environmentally friendly bathroom. If you like, you can order the wooden toilet brush without plastic here online.


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