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Paper handkerchiefs


  • Available directly in bulk
  • Bamboo paper tissues without plastic
  • Handkerchiefs from fast growing raw material
  • Produced naturally and environmentally friendly
  • Plastic-free from packaging to handkerchief

Are you looking for plastic free paper tissues from bamboo? Usually, even normal handkerchiefs are not made of plastic - however, you are almost always double wrapped in plastic and this is not necessary at all, because there are also sustainable plastic free cosmetic wipes from bamboo paper in the cardboard packaging there.

Worldwide, about half of all industrially processed trees are made into paper, including paper handkerchiefs. These plastic-free handkerchiefs are instead made from the fast-growing grass species bamboo. The various bamboo plants are among the fastest growing plants in the world. Although bamboo is actually a grass, it grows as tall as trees. In tropical warm areas, bamboo can even grow to around 40 meters high.

The advantages of bamboo paper handkerchiefs

Due to the rapid growth of bamboo, it is a very rapidly renewable and therefore resource-saving raw material. Since bamboo grows faster than wood, these bamboo facial tissues are a much more sustainable option than traditional tissues. The bamboo for the plastic-free handkerchiefs is sustainably produced and with the FSC seal for ecological timber management certified.

However, bamboo has even more advantages than the rapid growth. Bamboo is also 5x more absorbent than other cellulose. So you can also save resources when wiping up liquids with the environmentally friendly and plastic-free cosmetic tissues made of bamboo, because you will need fewer tissues. Due to the high absorbency, the bamboo paper handkerchiefs are of course also particularly tear-resistant.

Sustainability is also important for the packaging of the plastic-free handkerchiefs. This is completely without plastic. The bamboo handkerchiefs are therefore a sensible alternative to conventional handkerchiefs from plastic packaging. You see, there are actually some reasons why you should rather buy bamboo cosmetic tissues instead of plastic-packed handkerchiefs.

Here again all the advantages of plastic-free bamboo cosmetic wipes at a glance

To make it as clear as possible for you, I have listed all the advantages of plastic-free paper handkerchiefs made of bamboo for you once again:

  • sustainable cosmetic wipes without plastic
  • made from fast growing, resource saving bamboo
  • FSC certified for ecological timber management
  • 5x more absorbent than other pulps
  • Particularly tear resistant
  • environmentally friendly alternative to normal paper tissues

I can really recommend the bamboo handkerchiefs, because they are packaged plastic-free and produced from the sustainable raw material bamboo. If you like, you can order them online here.


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