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Nut Milk Bag

  • Nut milk bag made from natural vegetable material
  • Pure organic hemp fiber
  • For healthy nut milks, juices and yogurts
  • Without BPA or synthetic substances
  • Plastic-free from the packaging to the nut milk bag
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The plastic free nut milk bags is made from ecologically valuable organic hemp. The natural fibers are meshed particularly densely, resulting in a particularly finely sieved nut milk. Double stitching ensures robustness and durability. With rounded corners and a drawstring closure, the bag is spill-free and easy to handle. The uses are very diverse, almost limitless: You can process almonds, hazelnuts, macademia nuts and cashews into milk, for example, or soy, rice and oats. The plastic-free nut milk bag is therefore particularly suitable if you are interested in vegan or lactose-free nutrition. Delicious yogurt, cheese, quark and kefir can also be made naturally with the hemp bag.

How does a nut milk bag work?

You may not have a clear idea of what a nut milk bag is for. When you make your own nut milk, you puree nuts together with water in a stand mixer. The nut milk bag is there to filter the remaining components of the nuts from the nut milk, making it even finer.

The advantages of the natural nut milk bag from organic hemp fiber

Hemp is a great raw material because it is sustainable for many reasons. Hemp is very undemanding and thus grows in many regions, so hemp is also grown regionally. At the same time, it does not require pesticides that harm bees or other insects. In addition, hemp is recyclable. So for sustainability reasons alone, it's worth buying a nut milk bag made of organic hemp fiber instead of a nylon bag.

Natural and healthy. Compared to the use of common nylon bags, you are on the safe side with the vegetable raw material hemp when preparing nut milk. No harmful substances or microplastics can enter your food and harm your health. The bag is completely BPA-free.

Another advantage for your health is that you can make the nut milk completely fresh and know exactly what goes into it. You don't need any additives to preserve it, because you consume your plant milk completely fresh. By making your own nut milk, you can also refine it as you wish, for example with clove, date syrup, cocoa, cardamom or cinnamon. There are hardly any limits to your ideas and whatever tastes good is allowed.

If you don't want to make nut milk, the hemp bag is also suitable for storing bread or as a shopping bag. Whether nut milk bag, bread bag or shopping bag - the sustainable hemp bag is worth it in any case.

Here again the advantages of the natural nut milk bag at a glance:

  • 100 % plastic free hemp bag
  • Ecologically sustainable raw material hemp
  • Without synthetic substances and BPA free
  • Reusable and biodegradable
  • FSC and SGS certified

I can really recommend a plastic free nut milk bag if you feel like making nut milk. If you like, you can order it online here.


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