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Gymnastic rings


  • Gymnastic rings made of skin friendly birch wood
  • With quickly adjustable 4.5 meter long straps
  • Gymnastic rings from certified sustainable wood
  • Versatile for pull-ups, push-ups, rowing or dips
  • Plastic-free from the packaging to the gymnastic rings

This set of handmade, sustainable gymnastic rings is ideal for a functional home workout. All you need is a pole or suspension to which you can attach the ecological gymnastic rings and nothing will stand in the way of your fitness program. The wooden rings are ideal for strengthening your shoulder, chest, arm and core muscles. A great advantage of these wooden rings is the sustainable and fair production. The wood comes from fair and FSC or PEFC certified sustainable forestry and even receives the finishing touches by hand.

The ecological gymnastic rings are also easy to take with you in case you feel like exercising outside. The gymnastic rings are suitable for Pullups, dips, pushups or muscle ups and many other exercises. Through the functional training you can train almost the whole body effectively. In addition, you can also train calisthenics exercises such as the L-Sit, Front or Back Lever with the gymnastic rings ideal. However, they are not only suitable for calisthenics athletes, but also for climbers, gymnasts and all those who feel like a new training stimulus in the field of fitness. Since the rings are not fixed, your muscles must constantly compensate for instability, which provides a great functional training stimulus.

Use of the ecological gymnastic rings

The use of the sustainable gymnastic rings is quite simple. You just need a bracket to attach your rings to. Then you can set the desired height of the rings with the straps and start immediately. During the breaks between exercises you can adjust the height for the next exercise. If you train outside, you should remove the rings after the workout and take them inside to protect the wood.

All the advantages of sustainable gymnastics rings at a glance:

  • Ideal for calisthenics, crossfit or bodyweight workouts
  • Ecological production
  • Skin-friendly, sustainable and fairly processed materials
  • Ideal for functional training
  • Easy to take along

For a functional and sustainable training I can absolutely recommend the ecological gymnastic rings!


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