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Cotton swab

  • Cotton swabs made from bamboo and organic cotton
  • Ideal replacement for plastic cotton swabs
  • Water neutral, vegan and fair
  • Plastic-free from packaging to cotton swabs
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Plastic free cotton swabs that are completely biodegradable are still very rare to find because there is often still plastic somewhere in the packaging or the sticks. However, not with these 100 % natural cotton swabs, which are actually made only of bamboo and organic cotton and are packaged in a sustainable box made of recycled cardboard. Because here is no plastic hidden in the cotton swab or the packaging. In addition, the water-neutral and vegan ear cleaners are pleasantly soft.

After use, simply put them in the bio garbage can and return them to the natural cycle of composting. The plastic-free cotton swabs do not create any unnecessary packaging waste that pollutes the environment. So you can easily make your bathroom plastic-free with the sustainable bamboo cotton swabs.

Why natural cotton swabs without plastic?

Only natural materials are used to manufacture the plastic-free cotton swabs. The stick itself is made of bamboo, which is a sustainable raw material due to its rapid growth. Because of the rapid growth without fertilizers or pesticides and the possibility to harvest bamboo several times, it has many advantages over ordinary wood. At the ends of the sticks is the absorbent cotton made of certified organic cotton.

The plastic-free cotton swabs and their packaging are 100 % plastic-free and compostable or biodegradable. This makes them an ideal, sustainable alternative to conventional cotton swabs.

In use, the plastic-free cotton swabs are of course in no way inferior to their ordinary counterparts. After use, you can simply dispose of the cotton swabs in the organic waste or on your compost. Please do not throw the swabs down the toilet.

Get plastic free cotton swabs for healthy personal hygiene

  • No plastic in cotton swab and packaging
  • Pure natural product made of bamboo and cotton
  • Fully biodegradable and compostable
  • Vegan, water-neutral, animal-free and fair cotton swabs

Cotton swabs without plastic in beautiful recycled box

Not only the cotton swabs are purely natural, sustainable and environmentally conscious, but also the packaging. Stored are the sticks for body care in a pretty cardboard box made of recycled cardboard. The cardboard is free of plastics, sturdy and sustainable. If you want to switch to the sustainable cotton swabs without plastic, you can order them online here.


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