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Valentine's Day gifts without plastic for women and men

Plastic free Valentine's Day gifts for women and men

You search plastic free valentines day gifts for women and men? Then you are right here. In February it's that time again, Valentine's Day - the big day of love is coming up. And once again the question arises: What do you give your partner? Often things are given away for Valentine's Day that contain plastic or are packaged in plastic. This is more environmentally friendly! Therefore, I show you in this article the best ideas for plastic-free Valentine's Day gifts for women and men!

Plastic free Valentine's Day gifts for women

Scented candle

Plastic free roses scented candle in glass from kerosene wax

The scented candle Air & Love we make ourselves in Germany. It is the ideal plastic-free Valentine's Day gift for women with unique rose fragrance. On the reusable jar of the scented candle hangs a beautiful gift card with the inscription "It's the encounters with people that make life worth living", which rounds off the Valentine's Day gift without plastic. The candle has a romantic rose scent and is decorated with an organic fabric cloth and natural raffia ribbon. 

Homemade photo album

Photo album

A homemade photo album without plastic, a very nice and simple idea if you want to give something homemade. Our world is becoming more and more digital and nowadays people look at photos mainly on laptops, cell phones or tablets. So it's even nicer to be able to keep special shots of life in something tangible. The photo album is made of thin cardboard and photo cardboard with a size of about 27 cm x 18.5 cm. The album can hold many beautiful photos and you can make it even more personal with some nice sayings or insides from both of you. If you've already given a photo album as a gift, this time you can also create a photo album on a specific theme. For example, a big birthday from last year or a special trip that was close to both of your hearts.

A green journey

Plastic free Valentine's Day gifts for women and men

Plastic-free Valentine's Day gifts for women don't always have to be materialistic. How about an exciting trip to a foreign place instead? Use the 20€ coupon code CAREBIG for your Booking with bookitgreen. There you can find hundreds of sustainable accommodations in different countries in no time. The special thing about it: bookitgreen makes sure that the trip is as ecological as possible. Per night, you as a guest save an average of 90 liters of water and a whole 6kg of CO2. In addition, bookitgreen plants a tree for every night booked. So it hardly gets any greener than this. The accommodations are mostly located in a green environment, so perfect for all friends of nature. The price of accommodation varies greatly. No matter how much you want to spend - there are accommodations for 11 euros, as well as for 120 euros a night. So there is something for everyone ?

Bio Wellness Package

Plastic free Valentine's Day gifts for women and men

A very personal, plastic-free Valentine's Day gift for women is a wellness package you put together yourself. Everything your girlfriend likes best can be put into the package. Even if it seems hard at first to get such a package full without plastic, there are plenty of options for it. I have put together a small list for you, so that you get a little inspiration, with which such a wellness package can be filled ?.

  • Massage balm
  • Massage glove
  • Heat pillow with crystal salt
  • Natural Olive soap
  • Incense sticks
  • Incense holder

Of course, many other things can be placed in the package. Just let your imagination run wild! As a plastic-free packaging, for example, a wicker basket offers itself. This can be after the consumption of the gifts still super reuse!

"What I love about you"

The special Book "What I love about you" is meant to be filled in. In the book there are many questions that you can answer. There is also space for photos and other shared memories. This Valentine's Day gift for women is very personal and will give your sweetheart pleasure again and again while reading through it. By the way, there are more books of this kind, for example for siblings, father or mother. I find the idea behind it totally super and have often given away some myself. A great Valentine's Day gift for women, right?

Bath salts in canning jar

Bath salt in glass with rose fragrance sea salt nature

Then how about a natural handmade Rose bath salt in reusable jar as a Valentine's Day gift for women without plastic? The bath salt comes together with a small gift card. The scent of roses creates a relaxing atmosphere. This gift can even be used by both of you together ? That makes the gift perfect. But the bath salt can be used not only in the bath, but also in the shower. 

Personal cutting board

Plastic free valentine day gift cutting board

The personalized cutting board* is a great idea to start Valentine's Day morning beautifully. This Valentine's Day gift without plastic for women is not only suitable for all hobby cooks, but can also be super used as a breakfast board. In addition, the cutting board is very decorative and thus beautifies any kitchen. The board is made of 1.5 cm thick real wood and is made in Germany, so it is not only a Valentine's Day gift without plastic, but also still a regional. It can be personalized with any saying and any name.

Plastic free Valentine's Day gifts for men

Of course, the men of creation may not be missing ? Here you will find some great plastic-free Valentine's Day gifts for men.

Beard comb set

Wooden beard comb set without plastic from natural wood in plastic free store

Is your sweetheart also more of the hairy variety? Then a beard comb set made of wood offers itself as a Valentine's Day gift without plastic! The beard comb is suitable for any beard shape and growth and perfect for daily care. It is available in sandalwood or pear wood. Since it is 10 centimeters tall, it fits in any pocket. This plastic-free Valentine's Day gift for men is not only handsomely designed, but most importantly, practical. Therefore, it is guaranteed not to gather dust on the shelf.

Cork fitness mat

Yoga mat cork - natural gym mat without plastic

A fitness mat made of cork is suitable not only as a plastic-free Valentine's Day gift for men, but also for women. The mat can be used for yoga, freeletics, gymnastics, fitness and all other sweaty sports. The surface material is antibacterial cork and the non-slip underside is made of natural rubber. The mat comes with a cotton carrying strap.

Grill cutlery set

Grill cutlery set without plastic

Okay, admittedly, this plastic-free Valentine's Day gift is perhaps almost a little cliché. But does not matter, because a cliché often arises not without reason ? In this barbecue cutlery set* are included knife, barbecue tongs, barbecue turner and a fork, which are all made of stainless steel. With this great Valentine's Day gift without plastic can come the next barbecue with friends or family. And of course the set is also perfect for vegan barbecue suitable.

Stainless steel razor

Plastic free razor with wooden handle

And here we have another practical gift for the hairy sort of man. This plastic-free Valentine's Day gift with a long life will avoid a lot of plastic waste. This razor is 9 cm long and has a weight of 65 grams. The handle with chrome finish is corrosion resistant. Thanks to the design it fits comfortably in the hand and allows a particularly gentle shave. Well suited for any beard and a cool Valentine's Day gift for men.

Hammock without plastic

Hammock in plastic free store

This is a pretty relaxing Valentine's Day gift without plastic for all men: A plastic free hammock! The skin-friendly hammock from Colombia was woven from high-quality organic cotton. The GOTS seal guarantees an environmentally and socially friendly production. Due to double weft threads, it is particularly tear-resistant. It is suitable for both indoors and outdoors in the garden. Due to the light weight of the hammock, the presentee can easily transport it from one place to another. Another plus: you will certainly benefit from this gift as well.

Push up grips wood

Push up grips wood

Push up grips wood as a plastic-free Valentine's Day gift for men? Why not! The handles are made of solid wood in Germany and are packaged and shipped plastic-free. Normally, the handles withstand a lifetime of all forms of fitness exercises. It's really worth spending a few extra bucks on this cool Valentine's Day gift.

Valentine's Day gifts without plastic

Well, did you find something in the plastic-free Valentine's Day gifts for women and men? As you can see, there are many ways to give your loved one something great for Valentine's Day without using plastic. Even partners who may not care so much about the environment will be thrilled with these gift ideas. If you want to avoid plastic when wrapping your gift, check out the article Wrap gifts plastic free an. There you'll learn about great, sustainable ideas for gift wrapping. Now you're ready for Valentine's Day. Do you have more cool gift ideas for Valentine's Day? Then leave me a comment below this post 🙂 .

Kind regards,

PS: In the plastic free store for gifts you can find more inspiration. Interested in even more tips about living plastic-free? Then the article Tips & Tricks - Plastic-free living without waste certainly interesting for you.

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