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Manufacturers must report data on packaging to ZSVR

As of 01 January 2019, a new law relating to packaging will come into force. The new regulation states that manufacturers must report data on certain packaging they produce to the ZSVR (Zentralen Stelle Verpackungsregister). The law would be about manufacturers taking on more costs and responsibility for the collection, sorting and recycling of packaging waste.

For the packaging, which accumulates at the end user as waste, the manufacturers are to participate in a system and pay a participation fee for it. In order to prevent the omission of the payment of the participation fees, manufacturers must report certain data to the ZSVR in the future. The systems must also report to the Central Packaging Register how many and what type of packaging was involved with them. This makes it possible to compare whether the data of the manufacturers and the data of the systems also match.

Before this regulation, the data had to be reported to different places, for example to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and to the joint office of dual systems. It is hoped that the new law will provide a simplified and more efficient solution. This is because the comparison will enable misreporting or non-reporting to be noticed more quickly. This means that under-reporting can be sanctioned more easily. This, in turn, creates a greater incentive for manufacturers to include all mandatory packaging in a system.

At the same time, the ZSVR has activated the register of inspectors. Experts and auditors, such as tax consultants, must register in the new auditor register if they wish to work within the framework of the Packaging Act in the future.

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