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You want to stop supporting the exploitation of animals and also inspire other people to live vegan?then you can now immediately & free of charge subscribe to my 10-part email series. Once a week you will receive an email from me with valuable tips for an animal and environmentally friendly, healthy and sustainable everyday life. The series will start one day after you confirm your email address.

If you like, you can also check out my new sustainability e-book "All the arguments against veganism - and how you can easily refute them" worth 10€, which you will automatically receive with the email course. Once a month I also send out a Newsletter. Also there you benefit for example from countless tips for a vegan everyday life and Discount coupons for sustainable stores. It's definitely worth it!

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I promise to handle your data responsibly - and that you can unsubscribe at any time.

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Free email course about veganism

Many other community members have used this 10-part email series already downloaded! Every week you will receive an email from me in which I will tell you everything you need to know about factory farming and the consumption of animal products in general - and you will learn how you can easily live vegan without bending. You will benefit from the fact that your values and your actions will be in harmony again after this series. Because "I love animals and am against animal cruelty" but "I eat meat and buy cow's milk" simply does not fit together.

I have been living vegan myself for some time and created this email series with the goal of getting our society to consider its own Shape everyday life in a way that benefits animals, our environment, other people and our own health, instead of coming to harm.

Fortunately, there really isn't a single, logical argument against a vegan lifestyle. By the time you've completed this email series, you'll be able to counter sayings like "Vegan is too expensive," "I just love meat too much," or "100% vegan doesn't even work," with routine detachment and the Seize opportunityin order to bring this future-oriented lifestyle closer to others as well.

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Vegan Ebook

I am infinitely grateful for any support!

Of course, you can subscribe to and download this email series and the e-book for free - but if you still want to invest something in the Coffee cash register want to throw, you are welcome to do so here. The donation is primarily an investment in new, educational blog posts at CareElite and CleanUp materials for cleanup efforts in the fight against plastic waste in the environment. Either way, thank you for your tireless efforts to create a more sustainable society.