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Applications for curd soap at home

Curd Soap Applications - 20 tips and ideas for using curd soap in the home.

At your home there are an incredible number Applications for curd soap - whether as a carpet cleaner in the household, against aphids in the garden or simply for body care. In this way, a bar of curd soap also makes your life easier. Zero Waste Lifestyle - because you can replace many products and save a lot of packaging waste.

In this article I want to tell you everything you need to know about the use of curd soap in the home. From the effect of curd soap to the best tips and application options.

Tips: If you do not yet have Curd soap with you at home, you can get them for yourself. order vegan and plastic free here.*

Also, when buying soap, please make sure that it does not contain palm oil (Sodium Palmate). So you counteract the global deforestation against.

What actually is curd soap?

A curd soap is a Soap bar with very high fatty acid content. The classic curd soap is usually obtained from vegetable fats. In the manufacturing process, sodium chloride separates the soap core from the rest of the soap mass - so that only the "core" soap remains.

It has a degreasing effect, for example, and thus has a much wider range of action than most people give it credit for. This means that it has a much wider range of action than most people give it credit for. The soap bar of a curd soap is also very strong and, above all, durable.

20 tips: What can you use curd soap in the home?

Curd soap household applications

Now that it is clear what curd soap is, we can finally move on to the application inspiration. Below you will find 20 valuable tips and ideas for use at home.

1. carpet cleaner

So that your carpet also has as long a life as possible, the curd soap is at your side with advice and action. Simply dissolve some curd soap in hot water and treat the stain with the mixture and a Natural sponge. Start first with a little less curd soap and increase the concentration if the effect is not yet sufficient.

2. against calf cramps

Since curd soap consists of sodium salts, it should actually also help against calf cramps. They are often triggered by a disturbed sodium balance. By using the curd soap at night in a washcloth under your calves the calf cramps should disappear faster than usual.

3. make liquid soap by yourself

Conventional soap dispensers from the drugstore make a lot of disposable waste and are often also questionable in terms of content. From Curd soap, water and a little olive oil you can, for example, make your own liquid soap at home and fill it into an empty but eternally reused soap dispenser.

4. make shower gel yourself

Especially allergy sufferers have again and again times Problems with certain fragrances and preservatives in conventional shower gel. In addition, the many plastic packages are of course not at all in keeping with the plastic free life correspond

From curd soap, water, olive oil and potato starch you can alternatively conjure up not only a liquid soap, but also an excellent, natural shower gel. Simply grate finely, heat a pot with water and the fine curd soap and finally stir in the olive oil and also the potato starch.

5. curd soap as anti-pimple remedy

Using curd soap against pimples is another possible application of bar soap for body care. With regular use the soap degreases your skin more and more, so that pimples lose their livelihood and appear less frequently.

Notice: However, if your skin is rather dry anyway, you should not wash your face with curd soap all the time.

6. curd soap for hand and foot care

You can also use curd soap to care for your hands and feet. Simply fill a small tub with lukewarm to hot water and add some curd soap. With this you act for example Callus or also Splitter, Inflammations or ingrown nails on the hands.

7. use curd soap against aphids

Oh yes! As mentioned in the introduction, curd soap is also very effective in fighting aphids on your plants. Just rub the curd soap with a Stainless steel kitchen grater as finely as possible. In combination with water you can then spray on the leaves or gently wipe the plants with it. If you spray, then you should raise the percentage of curd soap a little more.

8. curd soap against oily hair

Curd soap degreases. Not only kitchen surfaces, but also your hair. However, it is important for this that at your home rather soft water from the tap with the lowest possible lime content comes - otherwise you will suddenly have rather grayish hair 😉.

Tip: It's best not to wash your hair every day so that it doesn't get greasy so quickly. And if you really get problems with greasy hair, then you have in the curd soap effective Home remedy.

9. curd soap in use against moths

Have moths ever eaten your clothes? Another application tip of curd soap helps to banish moths from your clothes and kitchen cupboards in a natural way. It already helps to Curd soap simply in a Soap bag or a washcloth to hang in the closet. Soaps with lavender scent are said to be particularly effective.

10. dishwashing liquid from curd soap

There are some natural alternatives for conventional chemical dishwashing detergent. One of them is the use of the curd soap in combination with fat dissolving and odor neutralizing Baking soda. Heat some water and add baking soda as well as the grated, relatively fine soap until it has dissolved. Then you can already use the dishwashing detergent.

Tip: Alternatively, you can just get a make natural dishwashing liquid from ivy leaves yourself.

11. make detergent from curd soap

The bar of curd soap can also act as a detergent. On the one hand, by using it stubborn stains pre-treatment in a tub or sink. On the other hand in combination with Washing soda and bile soap as a homemade detergent.

Tip: Let you in the separate article also to the many Washing soda applications inspire in the home.

12. liquid and natural washing powder

Not only as a detergent, but also as an almost professional washing powder can serve the curd soap. The powder you can relatively uncomplicated from washing soda and also curd soap manufacture.

A sensible alternative to the conventional, industrial washing powder. But which is available plastic-free after all.

13. remove stains from shoes

Also for cleaning shoes, you can simply put the curd soap in a small tub of lukewarm to hot water. Apply the mixture carefully to the stain on the shoe and use additionally a cleaning brushso that the shoe is also really nice and clean.

14. use curd soap for leather cleaning

Is leather sustainable? We will answer this question in a separate article. But if you already have a leather sofa or jacket, you should ensure that the material lasts as long as possible. Simply moisten the curd soap slightly so that it foams up a bit. As with other cleaners, you should also test the cleaning effect of the soap on the leather first on an inconspicuous area. If everything fits, you can also use it more extensively for leather cleaning.

15. window cleaner from curd soap

Another useful household application for curd soap is window cleaning. You can simply dissolve some soap in warm water again and clean the Wipe liquid over the pane with a cloth. The stains should come off much more easily than usual. Finally, rinse with clean water - and you're done.

Tip: In the separate article you will learn exactly how to create your own DIY glass cleaner do it yourself simply by following your heart.

16. use curd soap for shaving

A neutral curd soap is delicate and mild to the skin and develops a light but long-lasting foam. This also makes it ideal for use as a natural shaving foam.

Just use a Stainless steel razor and a Wood shaving brush. With the dampened brush, stroke the soap until a lather is formed. Spread the foam on your face and let the soap work for one to two minutes. Then you can also use the curd soap for shaving.

Notice: This sustainable lifehack, by the way, already have our grandparents applied. Let the linked article a little more from grandma and grandpa to a more sustainable life inspire.

17. clean brush with curd soap

You don't need any extra brush soap to get any brushes (e.g. makeup brushes or even painter's brushes) clean again. Simply a bar of curd soap is enough - and that is also still significantly cheaper available.

Rinse the brush with water and a little foamed curd soap. You will quickly notice how well the colors now come off the brush.

18. pretreat stubborn stains

As touched on earlier, you can also use curd soap to pre-treat really stubborn stains in your clothes. For example you will Grass stains quickly by letting the soap foam a little and moistening the stains with it. You can then put your textiles in the wash as normal. The probability that the stain will finally dissolve is very high.

19. cleaning kitchen surfaces

The high fatty acid content of curd soaps also makes them incredibly useful for cleaning stubborn dirt from smooth kitchen surfaces. Just mix some curd soap with water and wipe your kitchen surfaces clean. You will immediately notice how valuable this application tip for curd soap is.

20. as a toothpaste substitute

That's right! Of course you can use your Toothpaste also easy to make yourself. But for some, this takes a little too long. Curd soap is an admittedly unusual, but nevertheless useful and above all faster alternative to toothpaste. It does not burn, cleans, lathers and is also outrageously cheap to have. Just try it out.

Curd soap: Use the multi-talent for household and body care

Curd soap applications at home

As you can see, there are really many applications for curd soap at home. Whether in the kitchen, in the garden or as expected for body care. Through the soap you can sustainably save a lot of money - because you no longer need many household products. Besides the money, you also save a lot of waste.

Did the tips for using curd soap in the household help you? Feel free to leave me a comment with feedback, suggestions and of course questions.

Stay clean,

Christoph from CareElite - Plastic-free living

PS: Be sure to look a little more in the Zero Waste Blog around. There you will also find out, for example, how you can remove leftover Apply coffee grounds in the home simply by following your heart.

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