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Food in the nude

Food in the nude - supermarket stops plastic packaging

New Zealand. New World, a supermarket chain in New Zealand, has tried a new concept for their stores. They have stopped wrapping fresh produce in plastic and instead offer it without packaging.

New World is a supermarket chain with a total of 140 stores. Some of these stores have now stopped using plastic packaging for fruits and vegetables. They have run the abandonment of plastic packaging as a project. The title of the project is "Food in the nude".

This not only brings a lot for the environment, but also for the profit of the supermarket. Because sales of some vegetables have now increased by 300%. The manager of the New World store in Bishopdale in Christchurch on New Zealand's South Island would not have thought such a large turnover possible at first when he launched the project.

Other products are now also to be packaged in a more environmentally friendly way. Mushrooms, for example, are now packaged in cardboard boxes instead of plastic packaging. However, some fresh foods, such as berries, still come in plastic packaging. However, according to Bishopdale owner Nigel Bon, these are recyclable. Here, too, the company is trying to find new solutions to stop the flood of plastic.

The newly founded project is part of the plastic fight in New Zealand. The majority of supermarkets now no longer offer plastic bags at checkout. More and more stores are following the good example.

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