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Boost Creativity – Tips For More Ideas, Ingenuity And Creative Skills

How To Be More Creative – 10 Tips To Boost Your Ingenuity, Imagination And Creativity

You want to become more creative and stimulate your imagination? Then you've come to the right place! Whether children or adults - people with great ingenuity can solve almost any problem in the world and create whole new things. However, sometimes you feel idea-less and somehow totally uncreative. Such blocks to thinking are not surprising! Because the less often you stimulate, use and challenge your own creativity, the more it also rusts over time.

After all, creativity is not something that you basically have or don't have by nature. It can be learned, like a musical instrument. The more you play it, the better you become at it.

In this article, I would like to give you the most valuable tips and ideas for more creativity, innovation, creativity and ingenuity. Use them to stimulate creativity - whether in raising children or in yourself. Let's go!

Here you can find a short overview in advance:

  1. Break up your daily routines
  2. Set clear deadlines
  3. Use effective creativity techniques
  4. Think beyond what you already know
  5. Eliminate any form of distraction
  6. Dance out of line in your head
  7. Answer YES more often instead of NO
  8. Deliberately build in pauses for reflection
  9. Spend time with creative people in creative environments
  10. Move in nature

Advantages: Why is creativity important?

What characterizes the personality of creative people? Why should one promote one's own creativity? What should it be important for? I would like to answer these questions first with some of the most important Advantages of a creative streak answer briefly and concisely:

Less stress through faster problem solving

Creative people like to take on new challenges and love to think differently and solve problems. This basic attitude is necessary to advance our social development.

Also it facilitates everyday life, promotes personal relaxation and protects against excessive demands and excessive stress.

Acting more consciously and sustainably

Those who are creative have learned, making the best of the things you have. For example, this is an ideal basic setting for resource-saving actions in everyday life. For example, it takes a certain amount of creativity to decorate minimalist, to specifically Avoid garbage or to find solutions for the biggest environmental problems of our time to find.

Find personal fulfillment

Imaginative people often break new ground! Creativity is an important key to problem-solving and can help you find true fulfillment in life - whether in private or professional life. For people who like to find quick, creative solutions, doors also open more quickly, behind which new, exciting challenges and opportunities await them.

More courage and self-confidence

Those who are regularly creative and come up with good ideas, also dares to do this much more often. Therefore, one automatically meets new challenges much more courageously, self-confidently, confidently and persistently.

Education: How can creativity be encouraged from an early age?

Encouraging creativity in childhood

Children are at the most learning age and creativity plays a special role in the development of their personality. Among other things, perceptual skills, motor skills, curiosity, dexterity, spatial awareness, inventiveness and creative skills are trained in youth.

Before we go straight to the basic tips, I would like to give you a few pieces of advice. especially for creativity in childhood to the hand:

  • Be lovingly appreciative and, if possible, do not set creative boundaries.
  • Let discover nature. (see e.g. Attract children outdoors into nature)
  • Drawing together, storytelling, role play play, Crafting, working, experimenting and making music.
  • Make up a secret language together.
  • Also let boredom arise from time to time in order to allow own ideas.
  • Use simple materials for all the senses and work with what is there.
  • Always be a creative role model.

10 tips: How can you foster your own creativity at any age?

Encourage creativity and get more ideas in everyday life

Use the creative time with your offspring also directly to stimulate your own imagination more often. In childhood, creativity is almost unlimited for good reason: it becomes Not limited by other people's expectations, prejudices, traditions, and opinions! We adults, on the other hand, are usually not able to develop completely freely. When we want to be creative, we often work with the handbrake on. Fortunately, this can be changed!

So how do I become more creative? Here are the promised tips to stimulate your own creativity at any age, to cross bordersThink differently and let your imagination run wild, even as an adult.

1. break up your daily routines

If you want to become more creative, you have to leave your comfort zone, overcome fears and hurdles, and try new things. Regularly look for real challenges, tasks and hobbies, where imagination and creativity are required - and turn them into "creative routines".

Here are some Ideas for new challenges and activities:

  • Writing stories
  • Learn to draw
  • Take a dance course
  • DIY furniture build
  • Write or sing songs
  • Read books
  • Shoot unique nature photos
  • Garden sustainable design
  • Learn an instrument
  • Play creative board games (e.g. Taboo)
  • Upycle old items
  • Do Wilderness Survival Training
  • Meditate and participate in yoga classes

In the morning your creativity is at its peak

Furthermore, you should know that our creativity is naturally greatest after a restful night and creative dreams in the morning. Before going to bed, you can set conscious intentions for this, for example, through meditation. Don't reach for your smartphone right after getting up, but use the time in the early morning to create something. In combination with a cold shower you will come up with completely new ideas, I promise!

The "creative DNA" is also formed when you jot down things that go through your mind and constantly develop them. A Diary at bedside works wonders!

Tip: I personally use this notebook*I can write down my thoughts and ideas as well as keep my daily to-do list. But maybe also fits this gratitude diary* wonderful to your intention.

2. set clear deadlines

By limiting your creative time, you are forcing yourself, Make decisions more quickly and always keep the goal in sight. So, for example, resolve to consistently give yourself only 30 minutes a day to be really creative and work on your goal.

With the thought in mind that you want to have something to show for the creative process, and that you need only little time remains, you concentrate on the essentials. This is the most important basis for creative impulses and ideas.

3. use effective creativity techniques

If you want to increase your ingenuity and ingenuity, and come up with ingenious ideas then you should consciously work with creativity techniques that have long since proven their worth.

Here are some Exercises and techniquesguaranteed to make you more creative:

  • Do brainstorming/brainwriting, to collect all the thoughts.
  • Create mind mapto structure and visualize thoughts.
  • Apply discussion according to the Wald Disney method. (Participants take on the roles of dreamer, realist and critic)
  • Use alphabet technique and write down a matching word for each letter.
  • Make fantasy journey. (Take group participants:inside into a personal narrative that seduces them into another world).
  • Ask series of questions. (starting from the core topic, always begin with "Why...?" to get quick insights into the intention).

4. think beyond what you already know

Becoming more creative through an eye for the unusual

The core of creativity lies in creating something completely new. To stimulate your imagination, you need to do things differently than you normally would. You are automatically more creative when you on unknown terrain move.

Ignore your experiences and try to think like a toddlerthat the world has not yet experienced. Just free from prejudices, opinions and expectations.

Try things that you've never tried before and ask yourself questions you have never asked yourself before. Then you also get answers that neither you nor anyone else has ever gotten. In the end, they result in unique ideas and things that the world has not yet seen.

5. eliminate any form of distraction

An everyday life full of ideas definitely needs a large portion of focus and rest! You want to become a more creative person? Then orient yourself to the minimalist lifestyle and make sure that your creative process is not interrupted or otherwise disturbed will.

Identify the things that distract you and consistently keep them away if you want to stimulate your creativity. In most cases, these are both the Smartphone, as well as the Television. You too? Then you should definitely try a Digital Detox make!

Tip: How to create a possible Recognize and combat smartphone addiction I explain in detail in the linked blog article.

6. dance out of line in your head

Those who provide creative services, Does not strictly adhere to plans, specifications and rules, but uses them only for rough orientation. After all, the really creative part only begins when the plans end, when you let go, dive into new, mental spheres and give your own imagination free rein.

If you want to improve your resourcefulness, you need to deviate from the norm. You should think differently than the mass of people, even a little crazy and just unconventional.

7. answer YES more often instead of NO

Often we say "no" because we don't know something yet. So we build a wall out of habit, close ourselves off to new things, and in many cases miss unique opportunities as a result.

If you want to boost your creativity, you should definitely say YES more often and be open for new things. Most of the time, doors open to creative projects that change your life in a positive way.

8. consciously build in pauses for reflection

In between all the creative phases, you should also consciously take breaks for the mental regeneration Install After all, your mind needs to relax too and recover to be able to perform at full capacity again.

For more energy, focus and inspiration and to sort out your previous thoughtsIt is therefore advisable to simply lie down in a hammock or on the sofa with your eyes closed. And without letting yourself be distracted by your smartphone, the TV or other things that are "charming" in the truest sense of the word.

9. spend time with creative people in creative environments

A creative environment promotes creativity

A change of location to creative environments can work wonders! This can be for example Art galleries, studios or museums, music schools, theaters, libraries, co-working spaces, repair cafes. or Art and design fairs be. Simply places where your motivation and inspiration for new ideas increases almost by itself.

Not only because you see creative things there, but especially because you feel surround yourself with people and exchange ideaswho are passionately creative. So, if you want to become more creative, you should stick to such imaginative mentors and Keeping your distance from nihilistic nay-sayersthat slow you down or even drag you down.

10. move in nature

Nature is probably the most creative of all environments! Whether Gardens, nature reserves, national parks, beaches, forests, rivers, rapids, lakes, the sea, waterfalls or Hiking trails - nature is unique and of course capable of giving you unique ideas. The variety of colors, shapes and sounds is guaranteed to inspire you. The Forest bathing for example, is a relaxing and creativity-enhancing activity.

If you want to stimulate your creative thinking, you should be thinking during the Time in the fresh air but also move. Because as soon as your body moves, your brain moves too. So get on your bike, go a round of jogging or take a walk.

Become more creative, made easy!

Breaking out of old habits, using creativity techniques, making sure you're moving, saying YES more often, taking breaks, and spending time in creative environments - now you have an entire Cornucopia of inspiring ideas for more creative moments in your life.

"Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come."

Victor Hugo (more at Creativity Quotes)

Finally, I would like to give you here a few further blog articles that could also boost your creativity:

Do you have any questions, suggestions or even more tips to increase your own resourcefulness? Then I look forward to your comment.

Stay creative,

Christoph from CareElite - Plastic-free living

PS: A healthy amount of imagination and creativity will also help you to get make your biggest dreams come true. If you like, you will now learn what else is important for this in the linked post!

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