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Aldi disposable plastic ban

Aldi bans single-use plastic as early as 2019

Essen/Mülheim an der Ruhr. The discounter Aldi bans disposable plastics such as tableware, straws and cups from Plastic as early as next year. After the EU announced the decision to ban single-use plastic from 2021 a few days ago, the discounter is setting a good example and accelerating this ban in-house.

"We have set ourselves the ambitious goal of reducing the packaging of our own brands by 30 percent by 2025. Thanks to the measures we have taken so far, we are seeing continuous success and are thus making rapid progress towards our goal," said Philipp Skorning, ALDI SÜD's Group Buying Director. In the future, the Group wants to replace superfluous disposable packaging with more environmentally friendly materials or reusable solutions. For example, from 2019 there will also only be Cotton swab with from paper and no longer the classic plastic cotton swabs.

By using thin banderoles instead of plastic film, the discounters will reduce the amount of plastic used for bananas alone by around 340 tons per year. The use of recycled product packaging will also enable ALDI to save around 2,000 tons of new plastic. The discounters are heading in the right direction and we are curious to see how the range will develop in the future.

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