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Wooden dough roller


  • Dough roller made of natural bamboo wood
  • Rolling pin without plastic and other harmful substances
  • Easily roll out dough as usual
  • Easy to clean
  • Plastic-free from the packaging to the dough roller
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The plastic free dough roller made of bamboo wood is plastic-free and therefore ideal for healthy baking. In baking, natural and durable materials are particularly important for sustainability and your health. Since bamboo is a very fast-growing plant, it is a resource-saving raw material. Ideal for the production of the sustainable rolling pin Without plastic.

The easy handling makes it a breeze to make smooth, even dough with the sustainable bamboo rolling pin. The bamboo rolling pin is suitable for many different pasta products such as pasta, pizza, cake layers, cakes, cookies and much more. Since the eco-friendly rolling pin has no indentations or crevices, it is especially easy to clean.

Why a bamboo rolling pin without plastic?

Bamboo is a very quickly renewable resource, because the plant can grow up to one meter per day. Moreover, bamboo can be harvested several times without the plant dying. This makes a bamboo rolling pin much more resource-efficient than other rolling pins.

Furthermore, bamboo is a robust and durable wood, so the dough roller made of bamboo is particularly stable and durable. The processing takes place without chemicals and varnishes. The pasta roller is only sanded smooth so that it is splinter-free and safe.

If you ever part with the plastic-free rolling pin, it is after all 100 % biodegradable. The rolling pin is made exclusively of bamboo. In itself, however, this should not be necessary, since the sturdily processed bamboo rolling pin nothing can break.

The plastic-free bamboo dough roller for healthy baking

  • No plastic in the wooden dough roller and packaging
  • Rolling pin made of natural, resource-saving bamboo
  • Made of sturdy bamboo wood, stable and durable
  • Easily washable and does not splinter

The bamboo rolling pin for the perfect baking experience

The bamboo dough roller makes rolling out thick and thin dough a breeze. Thanks to the sturdy workmanship and high stability of the pasta roller, every dough is rolled out nice and evenly. If you want to get the sustainable, plastic-free bamboo rolling pin, you can order it online here.


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