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Yoga block


  • Yoga block with soft, non-slip surface
  • Sustainable and resource-saving natural cork
  • Available in different sizes
  • Versatile support for your yoga practice
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The plastic free yoga block made of sustainably produced natural cork supports you perfectly during your yoga exercises. Perhaps you are also wondering what the yoga block is actually suitable for. It is the optimal support for yoga and Pilates exercises. Even if you might lack some flexibility at the beginning, you will learn the techniques right from the start with the support of the cork yoga block.

It is available in a variety of sizes. The cork yoga block is designed to have just the right width for balance exercises and the perfect surface to support your back in many lying positions. The natural yoga block helps you perform asanas and is suitable for both beginners and advanced practitioners.

The advantages of the yoga block from natural cork

The biggest advantage of the yoga block is the use of the sustainable natural material cork. Cork is a naturally renewable raw material instead of foam. For the cork harvest, only a part of the bark is peeled off instead of cutting down the entire cork tree. The tree bark then renews itself again on its own, so the cork tree is not harmed by the harvest. In addition, cork is biodegradable. Thus, no unnecessary plastic waste is created, which pollutes the environment for a long time.

No more plastic waste or artificial pollutants to interfere with your yoga, Pilates and meditation practices. Instead of using plastic, foam or rubber, you can exercise healthily and ecologically conscious with the 100% natural block made of sustainable cork. Thanks to the natural cork, the surface of the plastic-free yoga block is very non-slip and free of harmful substances. This allows you to stay in full control even when your yoga practice gets strenuous.

By using cork, the yoga block looks very natural and has a beautiful, simple design.

Here again the advantages of the sustainable cork block at a glance

  • Pure natural product without plastic
  • 100% resource saving natural cork
  • Sustainably and ecologically produced
  • Non-slip, non-slip and skin-friendly surface

I can really recommend a sustainable cork yoga block to support your yoga exercises. If you like, you can order it online here.



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