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Wood shaving brush


  • Plastic free wooden shaving brush
  • With bristles made of badger or synthetic hair
  • Light and pleasant to use
  • Plastic-free from packaging to shaving brush

You are looking for a sustainable shaving brush wood? Then you've come to the right place. Every year, 407 million tons of plastic are produced around the world. A far too large part of this ends up in the environment. To optimize this sad statistic and make it more sustainable, the plastic-free wooden shaving brush offers itself. With it, you can easily avoid unnecessary plastic waste during your shave.

The advantages of the sustainable wood shaving brush

The simple design of the brush with a wooden handle knows visually convince, among other things because of the beautiful wood grain. In addition to the wooden handle, the sustainable wooden shaving brush comes with natural hair brushes, which you get either in the version with badger hair or a vegan synthetic hair. The hair brushes have a good strength, so that they are on the one hand durable and stable and on the other hand massage your face pleasantly while you apply the shaving foam.

Thanks to the beautiful design and the handy handle, you start the day well with your morning shave. This makes the application of your shaving foam almost a wellness adventure. The brush is easy and pleasant to use, so the first step for a beautiful, smooth shave is already made.

Here again the most important advantages of the sustainable wood shaving brush at a glance

  • Beautiful simple design with wooden handle
  • Avoidance of plastic waste
  • Use of sustainable natural materials
  • Handy handle for a good start to the day

I can really recommend you to use this sustainable shaving brush. The brush forms together with a plastic-free Stainless steel razor a powerful and sustainable duo for your plastic-free shave.


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