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Wood clothespins


  • Sustainable clothespins made of wood
  • Set with clothespins for hanging
  • Sturdy clamps made of wood and metal
  • Also perfectly suitable for handicrafts
  • Plastic-free from packaging to clothespin
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With these sustainable wood clothespins you can easily improve your environmental footprint. Worldwide, 407 million tons of plastic are produced every year. To improve this statistic in the future, you can use the sustainable and plastic-free alternative made of wood instead of plastic clothespins. The pegs are made from FSC-certified real wood from sustainable forestry and are completely plastic-free. So you can live out your environmental awareness and sustainable thinking even when hanging laundry. In addition, the pegs do at least as good, but probably even better, job than plastic clothespins. You get them in a practical set, so you have enough clips for your laundry.

The advantages of sustainable wood clothespins

The biggest advantage is probably the avoidance of unnecessary plastic waste. That's already worth a lot, but that's not all that the wooden clothespins have to offer. They are also sturdier than the plastic equivalent, because unlike plastic, the wood does not break. Of course, the longer durability also makes for a better sustainability record. Of course, the clips always keep your laundry firmly on the line, are gentle and won't stain. In addition, they are also a real eye-catcher on the line.

In addition to the use for hanging laundry, they are also suitable for crafting, decorating and decorating. At folk festivals, you can now see the clothespins again and again with burned-in writing. Alternatively, you can also use natural colors, paint the clips and use them as a decorative element. With a string, old photos and the clips you can create, for example, a beautiful hanging photo collage.

Here again the most important advantages of the wooden clothespins at a glance

  • You reduce the production of plastic and its disposal in the environment
  • The unbreakable wooden clothespins are durable
  • The clips ensure that your laundry stays on the line
  • Wooden clothespins are a nice alternative for crafting and decorating



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