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Toothbrush tablets

  • Denttabs toothbrush tablets with/without fluoride
  • Chew tablets and brush teeth as usual
  • Remineralizing effect against plaque
  • Vegan natural cosmetics with 100 % natural content
  • Plastic-free from packaging to tablet

If you plastic free toothbrush tablets you've come to the right place! With them you can make your bathroom a little more sustainable, because you do without unnecessary plastic. You have the choice between toothbrush tablets with fluoride and toothbrush tablets without fluoride.

If you like, you can easily replace your toothpaste from the plastic tube with these toothpaste chewable tablets from the paper package or jar. The as Natural cosmetics certified toothbrush tablets you get in the practical bulk pack, so that you are initially supplied for a few months. The plastic-free toothbrush tablets reduce plaque formation and have a remineralizing effect on your teeth.

How to use toothbrush tablets?

The application of the toothbrush tablets is also absolutely uncomplicated. In the morning and evening, you simply chew one tablet each until it becomes creamy. From this moment on, you can brush your teeth exactly as you are used to. Afterwards, you rinse your mouth as usual and your teeth are sparkling clean.

The advantages of plastic-free toothpaste tablets

There are several reasons why toothpaste tablets are beneficial for you and the environment. The toothpaste chewable tablets consist of purely natural additives, without unnecessary chemicals, phatalates, parabens or silicones and also contain no microplastics. Thus, they are suitable for health-conscious people who also pay attention when brushing their teeth not to supply their body with harmful substances.

You can decide whether you want toothbrush tablets without fluoride or with fluoride. The plastic-free chewable tablets are therefore ideal for individual dental care.

In addition to the environmentally friendly ingredients, the packaging of the toothpaste chewable tablets is also sustainable, as it is completely plastic-free. You get the toothpaste tablets in a jar or in a plastic-free bag - depending on the supplier.

In addition, the environmentally friendly toothbrush tablets are also animal-friendly, as they are completely vegan. Thus, they are also ideal for vegans.

Here again the advantages of the toothbrush tablets without plastic at a glance:

  • Toothbrush tablets with or without fluoride
  • 100 % natural cosmetics with the best ingredients
  • Free from pollutants, chemicals, parabens and microplastics
  • sustainable and plastic-free packaged toothpaste tablets
  • reduce plaque formation and remineralize

I can absolutely recommend the plastic-free toothbrush tablets, as they are healthy for you, your teeth and the environment. If you like, you can order them online here.


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