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Stainless steel tea filter


  • High quality stainless steel tea strainer.
  • Suitable for diverse, variable tea enjoyment
  • Small holes that allow only the liquid to pass through
  • More environmentally friendly than the traditional tea bag
  • Comes entirely without plastic!

If you are looking for a stainless steel plastic free tea strainer and opt for loose tea, you are effectively protecting the environment. Increasingly, there are tea bags in which plastics and synthetic paper are processed. These bags have no place in organic waste, as they decompose into microplastics. You can use the plastic-free stainless steel tea filter over and over again, while the tea bags are usually only used once and end up directly in the trash. The environmentally friendly tea strainer is made of stainless steel and is dishwasher safe.

Why a stainless steel tea strainer for loose tea?

With this reusable stainless steel tea strainer, you'll switch from tea bags to a completely waste- and plastic-free alternative. Especially if you buy your tea in the unpacked store. In the cold season you can also brew delicious teas with hot lemon, fresh ginger or turmeric and some salt and pepper.

With a tea strainer for loose tea, you can flexibly vary the amount of your tea, depending on how strong you like it. Or you can combine different types of tea in the stainless steel tea strainer. With tea bags you are less flexible. With the tea strainer without plastic, you are environmentally friendly and resource-saving on the road and at the same time have even more options to enjoy your tea individually.

The tea strainer for loose tea is made without plastic, is food safe and free of BPA and other plastics. This also guarantees that it is safe for health.

Advantages of the stainless steel plastic free tea strainer at a glance

  • You avoid waste because you can always reuse the tea strainer
  • Guaranteed plastic-free taste experience through the tea strainer
  • Environmentally friendly and sustainable alternative to the tea bag
  • More variation possibilities for tea enjoyment

Plastic-free enjoyment with the stainless steel tea filter

The reusable tea strainer without plastic is made of stainless steel and equipped with a fine pore size. This means no tea or microplastics get into your tea. Switch from tea bags to loose tea by using the tea strainer without plastic. If you like, you can order the stainless steel tea strainer online here.


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