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Stainless steel lunch box


  • Stainless steel eco friendly lunch box
  • Safe transport of your food in the boxes
  • Sufficiently large stainless steel lunch box set
  • Plastic free and dishwasher safe

With this Stainless steel lunch box you can take your food with you in a really sustainable way, whether to work, university or in your free time, for example when hiking. This Stainless steel lunch box is much more robust than plastic cans, therefore has a long service life and does not cause plastic waste. The high-quality stainless steel is also absolutely BPA and phthalate free, and therefore optimally suited for the storage as well as the transport of food. The lunch box is available in different sizes depending on the manufacturer.

The stainless steel lunch box is dishwasher safe, but you should definitely remove the silicone ring and wash it by hand. Alternatively, you can of course simply wash the box by hand.

Get the ecological stainless steel lunch boxes for your lunch

The main advantage of this lunch box is the use of high quality stainless steel as material. This makes the sustainable lunch boxes pollutant-free, stable and durable. In addition, plastic is not used in the production and packaging. Thus, you do not only the environment, but also your health something good.

The sturdy design with the fixed closure brackets on the side keeps the ecological can securely closed, so you can safely transport your food.

The highly polished stainless steel cans have a very smooth, easy-to-clean surface and are hygienically clean.

The advantages of the sustainable stainless steel lunch box at a glance

So that you have all the advantages of the ecological lunch box made of stainless steel at a glance, I have listed them here again:

  • 100% plastic free lunch box
  • Made of high quality food grade stainless steel
  • Robust and durable
  • Odorless and tasteless
  • Closes well with clips on the side for safe transport

The stainless steel lunch boxes for a healthy meal on the go

With the environmentally friendly stainless steel containers you can store and transport your prepared meals fresh and hygienic. For the children's lunch at school or your lunch at work, the sustainable lunch boxes are ideal. Due to the use of sustainable raw materials, I can recommend you to buy a stainless steel lunch box.


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