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Vegan shepherd cheese

  • Vegan shepherd cheese alternative
  • Conserving resources and free of chemicals
  • Replacement product with natural ingredients
  • animal and lactose free
  • 100 % Taste, 0 % Waiver
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If you are looking for a vegan shepherd cheese alternative then you are exactly right here! The bedda shepherd's cheese I like to eat from time to time, when I feel like a classic "substitute product". The taste of vegan cottage cheese can absolutely keep up with conventional sheep's cheese.

The vegan shepherd's cheese from bedda is the optimal alternative when it has to go fast and you have no time or desire to make yourself a vegan cottage cheese. I can absolutely understand that in stressful times you also just want to buy a vegan shepherd's cheese instead of standing in the kitchen and make it yourself. That's why I'm introducing you to your new favorite shepherd's cheese here.

Why a vegan shepherd's cheese?

Of course, we do not want to fool ourselves: the vegan shepherd's cheese from bedda is of course a convenience product. But the good thing about the shepherd's cheese alternative is that it is made without chemicals or palm oil on the basis of coconut oil, potato and tapioca starch. So you can eat it with a clear conscience.

Speaking of conscience, the vegan cottage cheese is of course free of animal suffering. In the article "Why don't vegans drink milk" you can find out more. The article refers to cow's milk, but the structures of milk production are the same. If you are just starting to give up milk, bedda's vegan shepherd's cheese is a great alternative to ordinary shepherd's cheese. This will make the transition to a dairy-free diet easier for you!

For people with lactose intolerance, vegan substitutes for cheese offer a nice way to do without anything. With the vegan sheep's cheese alternative you get lactose-free full enjoyment. I find the bedda "shepherd" really also taste great.

A large amount of CO2 is produced for ordinary dairy products; butter, for example, is one of the products with the highest CO2 equivalent of all. The vegan diet can, according to a study by the Oxford University in London emit up to 73 % less CO2 than a conventional mixed-food diet.₁ So again, bedda's vegan shepherd's cheese alternative is a super option for maintaining a sustainable and vegan lifestyle.

The advantages of vegan cottage cheese at a glance

So that you can have a look at all the benefits of the vegetable feta alternative again, I have listed them for you here:

  • Vegan shepherd cheese without chemistry
  • Convenience product with natural ingredients
  • lactose-free, vegan and animal-free, palm oil-free
  • full flavor without renunciation
  • low CO2 emissions

I can really recommend bedda's vegan shepherd's cheese, as it tastes great and is a plant-based alternative to regular cottage cheese. If you want, you can order it online here.


₁ Poore; T. Nemecek (2018): Reducing food's environmental impacts through producers and consumers,


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