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Vegan escalope

  • Vegan cutlet 100% vegetable base
  • Extremely easy to prepare
  • A delicious alternative for animal cutlets
  • Protects the environment and animal welfare at the same time
  • Lactose free and vegan schnitzel
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If you fancy a vegan schnitzel then you've come to the right place! One or the other may ask the question, "What is a vegan schnitzel anyway?" This is a vegetable cutlet alternative on the basis of Soy and wheat protein from European cultivation. The vegan schnitzel is the ideal schnitzel substitute for people who do not want to eat meat or want to eat less meat.

The preparation of the vegetable cutlet alternative is quite simple. You can either bake it without oil in the oven until crispy or fry it with a heatable oil in a pan for a few minutes on both sides.

How does vegan schnitzel taste?

The vegan Wiener Schnitzel comes surprisingly close to a normal schnitzel. The texture is meaty and the breading is also crispy and delicious like a regular schnitzel made of meat. The taste itself is slightly reminiscent of chicken. So the vegan schnitzel alternative is a pretty good substitute.

Why a Vegan Wiener Schnitzel?

Here I show you the advantages and why you should buy the vegan schnitzel. Since the vegan schnitzel is a classic substitute product, one or the other may ask the question "Why do vegans eat substitute products?"  For the answers to this question, you'd best check out the linked post.

Another important advantage of the vegetable cutlet is that it is easy to prepare and tastes great. You can prepare it really quickly and easily and it tastes great. This makes it a classic convenience product, of course, but why not make it easy for yourself? Especially on stressful days when you have little time, convenience products are a good option.

In addition to the practical benefits, the vegetable schnitzel also has the advantage that it saves you a considerable amount of CO2. Meat is a food group with a particularly high CO2 emission, so you can really make a big difference for the environment by doing without meat products. The vegan Wiener Schnitzel thus supports you in improving your environmental balance and at the same time it tastes great and is completely vegan.

Milk is used in many breadings of ordinary schnitzel, so people who suffer from lactose intolerance cannot eat the schnitzel. The vegetable schnitzel alternative, in contrast, is completely free of milk components and therefore a full enjoyment even with lactose intolerance.

All advantages of the vegetable Wiener Schnitzel at a glance

Here you can find all advantages in a clear list:

  • completely vegetable cutlet
  • simple and quick preparation
  • tasty schnitzel substitute
  • Saves CO2 emissions
  • free from lactose and animal suffering

I can absolutely recommend the vegan schnitzel to you, as it is an animal and environmentally friendly and at the same time super tasty substitute for schnitzel. If you feel like trying it out, you can order the vegan schnitzel substitute online here.


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