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Vegan sprinkle cheese

  • Vegan sprinkle cheese with melting guarantee
  • perfect for pizza, pasta dishes or sandwiches
  • Free from gluten, lactose, palm oil, soy and animal products
  • low CO2 emissions
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If you have a vegan sprinkle cheese you are at the right place. You will find several variants vegan grated cheese almond- or coconut-based. All variants have in common that they are super as vegan Pizza cheese as they melt when heated.

You can use the vegan processed cheese for topping pizzas, casseroles or sandwiches. Or you can use it to sprinkle on pasta dishes. In any case, there are enough uses for the vegan sprinkle cheese and for sure you will find some that you like. Probably there are hardly any dishes that are not even better with the vegan grated cheese than before.

Why a vegan sprinkle cheese?

A vegan processed cheese makes it easier for you to switch to a vegan diet, because you can continue to eat your usual dishes and only have to replace one or two ingredients. So you can change your diet step by step at your own pace. Of course, vegan convenience products are also suitable simply as a means of enjoyment. Who would say no to pizza?

Since the vegan sprinkle cheese alternatives are all without animal products, they are also "animal suffering free". If you want to learn more about the production conditions of dairy products and the reasons why vegans give them up, just have a look at the post "Why don't vegans drink milk"  over.

In addition to the renunciation of animal products, palm oil is also renounced, since many forests are cleared for palm oil and it therefore has a pretty bad environmental balance. And to do the environment even more good, it is worth using vegan alternatives instead of conventional dairy products. Researchers at the Oxford University based in London, have found that by switching from a diet of meat and other animal products to a plant-based diet, you can avoid nearly three-quarters of your dietary CO2 emissions.

Even with lactose intolerance, the switch to the vegan processed cheese is worthwhile. The vegan grated cheese is free of milk components and therefore also 100 % lactose-free. So you can easily replace normal grated cheese.

As you can see, there are a few reasons why it's worth buying a plant-based sprinkle cheese.

The advantages of the vegan sprinkle cheese at a glance

To show you all the advantages at a glance, I have created a clear list here:

  • Delicious pleasure with the vegan processed cheese
  • is suitable for pizza, pasta or sandwiches
  • facilitates the change of diet
  • vegan, gluten-free, lactose-free, palm oil-free and soy-free
  • smaller CO2 emissions than dairy products

I can absolutely recommend the vegetable grated cheese, because it tastes great and at the same time is vegan and produced as sustainably as possible. If you like, you can order the vegan pizza cheese online here.


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