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Pocket ashtray

  • The ideal ashtray for on the go
  • Small, handy and environmentally friendly
  • With small carabiner and tray
  • Elegant pocket ashtray in silver

Your Impact: About 10 billion cigarette butts with plastic filters and toxins are disposed of in nature every day. With a pocket ashtray you can collect them on the go and dispose of them later in the residual waste.

Such a small, plastic-free and sustainable Pocket ashtray fits perfectly in your pocket and is therefore the ideal companion for traveling - at least for every smoker! A mobile ashtray for on the road has the main purpose that fewer cigarette butts end up as trash in the environment. A whole 10 billion cigarettes end up carelessly thrown away in our nature and cost thousands of living creatures their lives every day. The Throwing away the cigarettes into the environment is an ingrained habit that we first have to get out of our heads. Every smoker has to start with himself.

The advantages of the pocket ashtray for on the go

It would certainly be healthier and more environmentally friendly to stop smoking altogether. But even among smokers there are environmentally conscious and non-environmentally conscious. The mini ashtray for on the go provides some relief here. You can use the pocket ashtray without plastic namely wonderful Empty at home in the residual wasteas soon as you get back. And others can also use your travel ashtray - because often you do not smoke alone. A pocket ashtray is also small and compact, so he gets along without a big dent in the pants. Unlike the cigarettes, he is also Very durable and easily washable - so unlike the cigarettes themselves, it's not a disposable product. And here you can buy your travel ashtray online.

Here again the main advantages of the metal pocket ashtray at a glance:

  • Cigarette butts are collected and conveniently disposed of at home
  • Others can also ash in your mobile pocket ashtray
  • The mini ashtray for on the go fits in any pocket or handbag
  • Fortunately, the pocket ashtray is durable and washable

Whether you are a frequent smoker or an occasional smoker - if you are a smoker, I can only recommend that you always have a sustainable pocket ashtray with you when you are out and about. Because there is not always an ashtray or trash can within easy reach.


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