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Toilet paper without plastic


  • The bamboo toilet paper is soft and environmentally friendly
  • Bamboo wood is one of the most sustainable resources on our planet
  • 3 ply toilet paper without plastic
  • 240 sheets toilet paper, very tear resistant
  • Plastic-free from packaging to toilet paper
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Sustainable toilet paper without plastic ensures an environmentally friendly toilet. You can find two alternatives to conventional toilet paper in the CareElite store. Once a Bamboo toilet paper, which is particularly soft and tear-resistant. The other alternative is a Recycled toilet paper. The environmentally friendly toilet paper without plastic packaging reduces unnecessary packaging waste and conserves natural raw materials.

With the bamboo toilet paper you have an incomparably soft and extremely tear-resistant Toilet paper without plasticfor an environmentally friendly toilet. You are making a valuable contribution to avoiding deforestation, unnecessary environmental pollution and unnecessary chemicals. Bamboo is the ideal raw material for sustainable, plastic-free toilet paper, because the bamboo plant continues to grow after cutting and contains more pulp than trees.

Why sustainable toilet paper without plastic?

Bamboo is basically more sustainable than paper made of wood, because bamboo is a very fast growing raw material without pesticides and fertilizers. At the same time, bamboo grows back after being harvested and does not die compared to trees. Instead, the sturdy bamboo plant can be used for decades. This makes the bamboo toilet paper more environmentally friendly compared to conventional toilet paper.

The ecological bamboo toilet paper has a high cellulose content and is therefore particularly tear-resistant and can therefore be used very sparingly. In addition, it is not bleached, so no chemicals get to the plastic-free toilet paper.

The recycled toilet paper without plastic packaging is produced in a CO₂-neutral way and is Cradle to Cradle certified. This means that the raw materials for the paper come from a circular economy. Since no new raw materials have to be mined for the recycled toilet paper, it is just as far more sustainable than ordinary toilet paper.

Both products are packaged plastic-free, so you are guaranteed to get sustainable toilet paper without plastic. Which of the two products is better and more sustainable? This is a difficult question to answer, since we don't have all the data, e.g. on transport distances, water consumption, etc., available. To give you a good idea, I have summarized the details of the individual environmentally friendly toilet papers in two short lists.

The advantages of bamboo toilet paper at a glance

  • 100% plastic free toilet paper and recycled cardboard packaging material
  • Resource-saving, FSC-certified cultivation of the bamboo
  • Unbleached and free from unnecessary chemistry
  • Smooth, gentle and tear-resistant toilet paper with 3 layers

The advantages of recycled toilet paper without plastic

  • Packaging and toilet paper without plastic
  • Cradle-To-Cradle and FSC recycling certified
  • CO₂-neutral production
  • Soft and tear resistant eco toilet paper with 2 layers

Eco friendly toilet paper without plastic

Whether you choose the plastic-free recycled toilet paper or the sustainable bamboo toilet paper, in both cases it is a step towards more sustainability in your next toilet use. So if you want to buy a sustainable and plastic-free toilet paper, you can order it online here.


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