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  • Plastic free pegboard
  • From sustainable wood cultivation
  • Sports equipment for beginners and advanced
  • Made from natural and durable materials
  • Easy to assemble
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The company EDELKRAFT uses for the Wood pegboard only sustainable materials. This great sports equipment is built with wood from ecologically sensibly managed forests of the Alpine foothills. Of course, the wood management is certified according to FSC or PEFC standard.

The plastic free training board is made of extremely sturdy multilayer birch wood and the handles are made of naturally strong beech wood. The training with the pegboard is incredibly fun and is suitable for both beginners and advanced. Screws and dowels for wall mounting are included, so you can start training right away.

The training board for bouldering is perfect for beginners and advanced users

Since the training board for climbing has a suspension for a resistance band in the middle, it is also ideal for beginners. You can simply grab a resistance band that you put around the suspension and climb in with your feet. This way you can adjust the difficulty so that even if you're a beginner, you can train well with the wooden pegboard. By using weaker and weaker straps, you can gradually increase the difficulty until you eventually don't need a strap at all.

Why a wooden pegboard?

The environmentally friendly training board for climbing combines many components of sustainability. It is made of sustainable wood from ecological forestry. It is produced under social and fair conditions in Germany, so that long transport routes are avoided. In addition, the training board is plastic-free and sustainably packaged.

The wooden pegboard offers you an excellent workout for your grip strength, back, arms and torso. The fun during training comes with the training board certainly not too short. The training effect with the training board can be super transferred to bouldering, climbing or Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, because the grip and traction force is quickly increased.

You will receive a complete package from Edelkraft with screws and dowels, so you can immediately start with the simple assembly. Then your first workout with the sustainable Pegboard won't be long in coming!

Get the eco-friendly wood pegboard for your fitness

  • 100 % plastic free sports equipment
  • From natural materials
  • Strengthens back, arms and abdomen
  • High quality workmanship made in Germany
  • Simple assembly

Natural training board for upper body training and strengthening grip strength

Beginners quickly increase their general fitness and, above all, their grip strength with the effective training on the pegboard. Thanks to the hook-in resistance bands, even difficult exercises succeed right from the start. Advanced users strengthen their climbing, bouldering and free climbing skills with the easy-to-assemble wooden pegboard and can omit the support bands step by step. If you feel like training with the sustainable Pegboard, you can order it online here.



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