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Healing earth

  • Skin fine healing clay rich in minerals (950 g package)
  • Supports with joint pain and inflammation
  • Especially good for natural skin and hair care
  •  Pure natural product without artificial additives
  • 100 % Plastic Free Packed Healing Clay

Do you want a natural healing clay buy that is free of chemical and artificial additives? The pure healing clay consists of 100 % natural loess clay with a high concentration of minerals and trace elements. But what is it actually good for? Due to its high mineral content, it binds excess body fluids such as fat, sebum and wound secretions, as well as the bacteria they contain. It is suitable for external use for many different complaints or simply for care.

You can use the plastic-free healing clay for the treatment of muscle and joint complaints, skin problems and many other problems. For muscle and joint complaints, as well as sports injuries such as bruises or sprains, the mineral-rich healing clay also reaches the deeper tissues and stimulates blood circulation, metabolism and wound healing. It can also be used to alleviate skin problems such as acne, eczema, sunburn, neurodermatitis, insect bites, cellulite and many others. The special composition of minerals cleans and nourishes the affected areas. It can also be applied to inflammations, festering wounds or to reduce fever. So it's worth buying the home remedy healing clay online, so that you have it ready for various cases at home.

Moreover, it is also suitable as a care product. You can apply it as a face mask or cleansing scrub to nourish your skin or use it to wash your hair if you have a flaky scalp.

The advantages of pure healing clay

Why should pure healing clay not be included in any Home Remedies Shop missing? One of its great advantages is sustainability. Si iste is a pure natural product without chemical or harmful additives. Therefore, it is biodegradable and not a burden on the environment. Furthermore, the healing clay that you can order online here is packaged plastic-free. With it as a care product, you are also sustainable in the hygiene and care area.

Healing clay is a real all-purpose product. With it, you can replace many care products. This is also easy on your wallet, since you only need one product. At the same time, you reduce your plastic consumption quite a bit, because the healing clay is packaged plastic-free and quite unlike the care products you would buy if you did not use the healing clay.

The special mineral structure of the healing clay promotes metabolism, stimulates blood circulation and supports wound healing. Deep-seated body tissue is also stimulated and pain in the joints and muscles is relieved.

The skin-fine powder is very easy to process for use as a face mask, poultices, scrubs, dressings, rinses and baths.

Here again the reasons why it is worth buying healing clay powder

  • 100 % plastic free healing clay and package
  • Pure natural product without chemical additives
  • Skin fine powder rich in minerals for external use
  • Relieves muscle and joint pain
  • Helps with acne, skin inflammation and many other ailments
  • Natural care for skin and hair

I can only recommend the pure healing clay as a natural and sustainable care product, whether you use it as a pure care product or to treat problem areas. If you like, you can order the healing clay online here.




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