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Dental floss

  • natural dental floss with vegetable wax
  • in reusable glass bottle
  • sustainable, plastic-free and refillable
  • 100 % plastic free
  • vegan and animal free
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For healthy teeth there is the Nature dental floss now an ecological alternative to conventional plastic products. The with vegetable wax treated raw silk from natural material does not fray and is very tear resistant. For sustainable and environmentally friendly tooth cleaning, the Dental floss without plastic optimally suitable.

Without artificial additives and harmful substances, the dental floss made of waxed natural floss is a boon for your dental hygiene and you do not create any plastic waste. Thus, it is also ideal to take along in a beautiful and refillable glass bottle. Consequently, this floss is not only perfect for everyday use, but also for traveling or simply on the go when you go out to eat, for example.

The use of plastic-free dental floss is the same as with ordinary dental floss. You tear off a thread, clean your interdental spaces with it and then dispose of it. Afterwards, you can enjoy your radiant smile.

Natural floss without plastic is the best alternative for oral hygiene

Pure raw floss with high-quality wax cleans the interdental spaces particularly gently. In addition, the dental floss is absolutely plastic-free, free of harmful substances and contains no additives such as fluorine or artificial flavors. Due to the high-quality and pollutant-free processing, the dental floss is the perfect companion for your sustainable oral hygiene.

In the beautiful glass bottle is the natural dental floss hygienically packaged and is easy to dispense. In addition, the bottle is reusable, as you can also buy the natural floss in a refill pack.

Furthermore, this floss is not tested on animals and animal ingredients, making it perfect for vegans.

Sustainable dental floss set made of waxed natural floss for healthy teeth

Here you can find all the advantages of plastic-free dental floss in a clear form:

  • 100% sustainable dental floss and packaging
  • plastic free packaging
  • in reusable glass bottle with cutting function
  • processed with natural wax
  • vegan and animal free

Plastic-free dental floss is a great alternative to conventional dental floss. That's why I can highly recommend it to you. If you like, you can order the sustainable floss online here.


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