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Coffee To Go Mug


  • With snug fitting lid and a sleeve for hot drinks
  • Sufficient capacity for coffee enjoyment on the go
  • Reusable and sustainable
  • Good for the environment and your health

Your Impact: Around 320,000 disposable cups are used every hour in Germany and thrown in the trash. With your own cup, you can counteract this environmental problem.

This reusable and sustainable coffee mug for on the go allows you to enjoy coffee without producing unnecessary waste. It is your ideal companion for the way to work or for a walk during lunch break. Conventional coffee cups made of cardboard and plastic pollute the environment for years, even though we only use them for a few minutes. With your own coffee cup, you can end this cycle of waste production and, for example, improve your sustainability balance when traveling or flying. By the way, airplanes generate a lot of disposable waste, and in order to minimize flying plastic free, this coffee mug is particularly worthwhile.


The advantages of the reusable coffee mug

The coffee mug is made of sustainable natural material and is plastic-free. The ecological material is at the same time light and yet unbreakable. In addition, the plastic-free cup is also good for your health, because it is free of harmful BPA. If, instead of buying a coffee at the bakery, you prepare the coffee at home and decant it into your mug, you'll even save money in the process. The enjoyment factor is also increased with the sustainable coffee mug, as it is completely tasteless. The sustainable sleeve also protects hot drinks. The coffee mug is easily washable and reusable and thus ensures a good sustainability balance.

I can really recommend you to have a waste-avoiding coffee mug with you, so you can enjoy your coffee as sustainable as possible.


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