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Coconut oil

  • Top quality virgin coconut oil
  • Coconuts from organic farming
  • Avoiding waste in the jar packed
  • Vegan & lactose free coconut oil

When you buy high quality coconut oil you should always pay close attention to the ingredients and production methods. Here you will find a 100% virgin organic coconut oil from first cold pressing. Of course, the freshly harvested coconuts used for this come from organic farming. The pressing is done from the fresh pulp and the oil obtained is controlled by certified testing laboratories in Germany for residue-free. In addition, the Organic coconut oil in jar Packed.

Why buy organic coconut oil in a jar?

The organic coconut oil comes in a practical, plastic-free jar and has a long shelf life. You can clean the jar as soon as the oil is empty and use it to store food. This way you effectively reduce packaging waste and also save money, because you don't have to buy canning jars or other containers.

In addition to its ecological packaging, the oil from the pulp of fresh coconuts convinces with its high quality, as it contains many medium-chain fatty acids. Above all, the lauric acid contained is said to have many positive effects on health. Among other things, lauric acid ensures a better lipid profile and has an antimicrobial effect. However, it is important that the oil is not refined, otherwise harmful trans fats can be formed.

The oil is particularly high heatable and is often used in Asian dishes. But even beyond that, you can use it well, for example for baking or as a substitute for butter.

Coconut oil has many other applications besides its use as food. For example, you can use the high-quality oil as massage oil or for the production of deodorant or toothpaste. In addition, you can use it as a protection against ticks and some insects, since its smell drives away the little animals. Thus, with the oil you have a real all-rounder in the household.

That's why you should buy the premium organic coconut oil:

  • 100 % plastic free packing
  • Best quality from first cold pressing
  • Not refined and not hardened
  • Neither bleached nor deodorized
  • Made from fresh pulp of organic coconuts

Pure organic coconut oil for healthy cooking and body care

The high-quality organic coconut oil in a preserving jar has a delicious, fresh coconut flavor and is particularly healthy with its high content of medium-chain fatty acids. The lauric acid, known for its health-promoting effect, makes up almost half of the fatty acids contained in the oil. The high-quality oil from coconuts is therefore ideal for nutrition and body care. If you want to buy the sustainably packaged coconut oil in a jar, you can order it online here.


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