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Preserving jars


  • Preserving jars with Wire hanger closure set
  • Large jars with filling volume of 1140 ml
  • Ideal accessories for the zero waste lifestyle
  • High quality stainless steel wire hanger
  • Storage jars with rubber seal so that nothing leaks!

You want a traditional Buy canning jar and start pickling and fermenting fruits and vegetables right away? Then you've come to the right place. You get the Preserving jars in a practical set, so you can pickle, boil down or ferment several things at once.

With home-pickled vegetables and fruits, you will always have something healthy to eat, even in winter, and you can naturally extend the season of your favorite fruits and vegetables. The high capacity of the storage jars is ideal for canning, pickling and preserving all types of fruits and vegetables. A sturdy wire handle made of high-quality stainless steel securely closes the preserving jar, and the included rubber gasket ensures an airtight seal.

Of course, you can also use the plastic-free canning jar for hygienic storage of sugar, coffee, flour or your favorite breakfast cereal. A shelf with jars filled with nuts, pasta or lentils is definitely an eye-catcher in the kitchen.

Why buy canning jars?

Pickling, canning and fermenting are great ways to eat fruits and vegetables out of season. You can buy and process larger quantities during the season, so you build up a nice stockpile. So it's also worth it for your carbon footprint to buy canning jars because you'll be eating more sustainably.

It is also practical that your food does not come into contact with plastic, because the jars have a sealing ring made of natural rubber. In addition, the jars are really robust, so that they can withstand something and are correspondingly durable. Again, your sustainability balance is happy.

All advantages of the storage jars at a glance

Here's an overview of all the reasons you might want to buy canning jars:

  • Your food does not come into contact with plastic
  • Hygienic, food safe and natural
  • Securely lockable with stainless steel shackle and rubber seal
  • Robust and durable quality
  • Practical set with several glasses

With the large Canning jar you can revive our grandmothers' sustainable tradition of pickling, canning and preserving food. Without plastic and preservatives, you can create your own natural and healthy food supply. If you're in the mood for pickling, you can order your canning jar online here.


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